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18. Dezember 2010

NYT’s next? - Nope.

US aut­ho­ri­ties have step­ped up their efforts to pro­se­cu­te Juli­an Assan­ge by offe­ring Brad­ley Man­ning, the Ame­ri­can sol­dier alle­ged­ly respon­si­ble for lea­king hund­reds of thousands of government docu­ments, the pos­si­bi­li­ty of a plea bar­gain if he names the Wiki-Leaks foun­der as a fel­low conspirator.


This is hard­ly a sur­pri­se, but after locking up Brad­ley Man­ning in soli­ta­ry con­fi­ne­ment for seven mon­ths - a con­di­ti­on that much of the world has deemed to be tor­tu­re - and loo­king for ways to use a com­pu­ter hacking law to char­ge Juli­an Assan­ge, rumors are that offi­cials have offe­red Brad­ley Man­ning a plea deal, in which he would claim that Assan­ge “con­spi­red” with him to get and leak the docu­ments. From all the info that’s come out alrea­dy, there’s been litt­le to sug­gest that the­re was any actu­al con­spi­ring, but it appears that our Jus­ti­ce Depart­ment has deci­ded (incor­rect­ly) that Juli­an Assan­ge is the more important tar­get than Brad­ley Man­ning, and so it wants to bring Assan­ge down.


Nach­trag: Der Guar­di­an ver­öf­fent­licht den aktu­el­len Vor­wurfs­stand gegen Assan­ge.

Some­what unre­la­ted, look at her smi­le - I mean look at it… 🙂

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