BBC has found the Kharkiv Philharmonics

25. März 2022

and a sud­den­ly spot­ted rus­si­an scou­ting par­ty, to be filmed half way out of the trenches.

Then the­re is ano­t­her shot from a 90 degree ang­le filming the Ukrai­ni­ans shoo­ting back put­ting a who­le hea­vy mashine­gun on dis­play, that starts shoo­ting slight­ly after the came­ra­man had got­ten it into frame.

Then they film fle­eing sol­di­ers using a pan­ning shot, with their backs to the enemy.

Tho­se BBC repor­ters are so brave.

Also baby hands being cares­sed in the foo­ta­ge packa­ge. Outro is vio­lin again.

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