Democratic revolutionaries

15. September 2022

Made me chuckle.

Turns out demo­cra­tic revo­lu­tio­na­ries in the euro­pean par­lia­ment are all elder­ly rus­si­an expats, that read Euro­pean Prav­da and tell their audi­ence (that has almost reached their age level in terms of view­ers­hip num­bers), that libe­ral demo­cra­cy under a Nawal­ny type figu­re is pos­si­ble, if they do not­hing and let the mul­ti­ple cri­sis pan out that are now taking hold of rus­sia, and then the revolt will come from the nor­mal rus­si­an peop­le, becau­se things like this can go quick, and may­be the revolt even will come from Bela­rus, becau­se who knows (pro­bab­ly bela­ru­si­an peop­le?) - also plea­se dont hate rus­si­an peop­le, decen­tra­liz­a­ti­on of power is pos­si­ble and will be achie­ved very short­ly, we dont know whe­re, but its taking place alrea­dy, also Putin is defi­ni­te­ly impe­ria­list and not just revan­chist, also of cour­se we dont want or need Cri­mea, why would we, also if regime chan­ge in rus­sia would take place, then the new lea­der defi­ni­te­ly would find extre­me appe­ti­te for all kinds of new reforms, and of cour­se rus­sia can and has to be bea­ten in war, and let me finish with “rus­sia can eit­her be a demo­cra­cy, or an impe­ri­al power, not both” - which, was it Brze­ziń­ski? - said so well..

Also, the­re is one cha­rac­ter that alter­na­tes bet­ween emo­tio­nal fer­vor on ran­dom princi­ples and actu­al euro­pean com­mis­si­on tal­king points - its qui­te the experience.

He’s the only one whe­re you cant see enga­ge­ment in an argu­ment being tur­ned on, always about half a second too late, indi­vi­du­al­ly remem­be­ring, that they real­ly were exci­ted about princi­ples at one point in their life.

Also they are orga­ni­zing sup­port for civil socie­ty groups in russia.

Sor­ry, dont mean to be so par­ti­san mys­elf - but the dif­fe­rence to some idia­li­zed con­cept like this

is just… stark.

Good luck to you on ending the war. Oh, wait - no, they all hope for rus­sia to lose the war in 5 mon­ths or 5 years, they arent sure, so that then the revo­lu­ti­on can take place.

edit: Uh, appar­ent­ly The Ger­man Mar­shall Fund of the United Sta­tes has come out with a stu­dy esti­ma­ting that rebuil­ding Ukrai­ne (in a pha­se one, I’m sure) will cost 750 bil­li­on euro. We have a first figu­re! Thanks The Ger­man Mar­shall Fund of the United Sta­tes! edit2: Oh and it should be a G7 led effort under the coor­di­na­ti­on of the United Sta­tes. Hor­ray! edit3: Oh and Glob­sec (?)(or they as a group inclu­ding Glob­sec) alrea­dy wro­te a tran­si­tio­ning plan for rus­sia, thats convenient.

edit4; Habeck sta­pelt heu­te tiefer:

Laut Habeck braucht die Ukrai­ne wohl 350 Mil­li­ar­den Euro für Wiederaufbau
Die Ukrai­ne braucht für den Wie­der­auf­bau des Lan­des laut dem deut­schen Bun­des­wirt­schafts­mi­nis­ter Robert Habeck ver­mut­lich rund 350 Mil­li­ar­den Euro. “Es ist eine gigan­ti­sche Sum­me”, sag­te der Vize-Kanzler am Don­ners­tag auf Schloss Neu­har­den­berg in Brandenburg. 

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