Don’t miss the propaganda halftime break!

20. Juni 2022

Just kid­ding, we are still in the first quarter.

The pre­si­dent tells the public, that the­re wont be any nego­tia­ti­ons, then tells the chief nego­tia­tor, that the­re wont be any nego­tia­ti­ons until after a few offen­si­ves that might chan­ge your nego­tia­ti­on position.

Then the chief nego­tia­tor tells the public, that nego­tia­ti­ons will begin again in august, after some more fighting.

Not­hing on the con­tent or the serious­ness with which you will pur­sue nego­tia­ti­ons of cour­se, becau­se - see the chief nego­tia­tor has to tell the public that he cant do his job, until more figh­t­ing will impro­ve his “star­ting posi­ti­on” when he will pick up nego­tia­ti­ons at a pre­an­noun­ced date!

See - this is public rela­ti­on work.

Becau­se appar­ent­ly the role of a nego­tia­tor is to tell the public that cur­r­ent­ly the­re will be no nego­tia­ti­ons, but to also announ­ce, that the­re will be some, at the end of august.
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Next you need a Klitschko.

To tell the public, that what the ukrai­ne wants most right now is peace (“thats the main war aim”) “as fast as pos­si­ble”, but that he also knows, that this will still take qui­te some time…

You can bet your f*cking ass, that thats the two US PR agen­ci­es that are advi­sing the Ukrai­ne government on how to deal with the public fall­out on a war that still needs to be pro­lon­ged in the minds of the Ukrai­ne, the US, and may­be - Russia.

Pep­per in some details like “we need a Ukrai­ne that can sur­vi­ve as a sta­te” (no dis­agree­ment here, sea access will be nee­ded), then fol­low it up with “and thats why we cant stray from deman­ding full ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty, inclu­ding crimea.

You need a f*cking jour­na­lism thats as bra­in­dead, as Lanz is on a good day to sell three com­ple­te­ly con­tra­dic­ting messages wit­hin one fuck­ing week.

But thats what you do, becau­se you need to sell peop­le on the idea, that wha­te­ver you need to pro­long the war, is your best chan­ce to actual­ly stop the war.

And this is how you do it, using Propaganda.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Allerletzte.

edit: Chief Nego­tia­tor cal­ling for wea­pons, wea­pons, weapons.

He must be tha bomb at nego­tia­ting, in August of cour­se. Not ear­lier, and not without cal­ling for wea­pons, wea­pons wea­pons first.

Atlan­tic Coun­cil who else. The peop­le who brought you “Putin will win unless the west sends offen­si­ve wea­pons”, two days befo­re the Ukrai­ni­an Government first star­ted mir­ro­ring that plea.

Becau­se we dont care about public per­cep­ti­on any­mo­re. We OWN the media coverage.

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