Frieden schaffen mit mehr Waffen

14. September 2022

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Also wenn Deutsch­land jetzt noch immer kei­ne zusätz­li­chen Pan­zer lie­fern will, und die deut­sche Ver­tei­di­gungs­mi­nis­te­rin Lam­brecht aktiv Stol­ten­berg miss­ver­steht (sie­he: click), dann mar­schiert eben Geor­gi­en in Russ­land ein…

The lea­ders­hip of Geor­gia can orga­ni­ze a nati­on­wi­de refe­ren­dum and ask the ques­ti­on: do the Geor­gi­ans want a war with Russia.

Gior­gi Kobak­hi­d­ze, chair­man of the par­ty, made such a state­ment at a brie­fing in the office of the ruling Geor­gi­an Dream party.

Let the peop­le say whe­ther they want to open a second front in Geor­gia against Rus­sia,” Mr. Kobak­hi­d­ze emphasized.

He pro­mi­sed that the aut­ho­ri­ties “will act as the peop­le say.”

The poli­ti­ci­an expres­sed hope that the Geor­gi­an peop­le “will bring cla­ri­ty, whe­ther he agrees with the state­ments of Ukrai­ni­an poli­ti­ci­ans about the need to invol­ve Geor­gia in the war or with the posi­ti­on of the aut­ho­ri­ties of his country.”

This is how Ira­kli Kobak­hi­d­ze respon­ded to the state­ment of Fyo­dor Venis­lavs­ky, repre­sen­ta­ti­ve of the Pre­si­dent of Ukrai­ne in the Par­lia­ment, who advi­sed Geor­gia “to take con­cre­te steps to libe­ra­te Abkha­zia and South Ossetia.”

Ear­lier, Secreta­ry of the Natio­nal Secu­ri­ty and Defen­se Coun­cil Olek­siy Dani­l­ov, as well as advi­sers to the Office of the Pre­si­dent of Ukrai­ne Mykhailo Pod­olyak and Olek­siy Aresto­vich, publicly addres­sed Tbi­li­si with simi­lar advice.

They all direct­ly said that the ope­ning of the second front in Geor­gia is high­ly desi­ra­ble,” the head of the Geor­gi­an Dream recal­led at the same briefing.

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