G.M.F. - The lovely US - european friendship initiative

17. März 2022

thats all about giving the euro­peans just enough rope to hang them­sel­ves, and then watch if their facial expres­si­ons are still the cor­rect ones, des­pi­te com­ing out a bit delay­ed, becau­se the euro­pean on the talk sud­den­ly needs to mask them.

Hey, open talk initia­ti­ves to see if the other side is still in line with your assess­ment of them are gre­at, arent they?

So whats the poten­ti­al sce­n­a­rio here? Biden should be able to tell the chi­ne­se dele­ga­ti­ons in sche­du­led talks star­ting in april, that Euro­pe will set them an ulti­ma­tum on tra­de, if they dont put more pres­su­re on rus­sia, becau­se euro­pe is real­ly in a his­to­ric posi­ti­on here. To loo­se both chi­ne­se imports/manufacturing, and rus­si­an ener­gy exports - while if they dont, and things work out fine, they get demo­ted to “tool sta­tus” in the pro­cess! Sor­ry, “his­to­ric tool status”.

Ah, trans­at­lan­tic friendship initiatives.

Whe­re you have to first mute yourself, then fake your reac­tions not to get ous­ted. Diplo­ma­cy among friends, at its best.

Oh, and btw:

US Sena­te unli­kely to act on House-passed Rus­sia ener­gy import ban

Even though the US House pas­sed a bill last week to impo­se a ban on Rus­si­an ener­gy imports, Sena­te sources say it’s unli­kely their cham­ber will move on the measure.

That’s becau­se sena­tors view the issue as essen­ti­al­ly moot after US Pre­si­dent Joe Biden took exe­cu­ti­ve action to ban the imports.

Moreo­ver, Sen. Joe Man­chin, who chairs the Sena­te Ener­gy Com­mit­tee, has con­t­en­ded that the House bill is wea­ker than the exe­cu­ti­ve action — so they see litt­le rea­son to move on a mea­su­re view­ed as fal­ling short of the cur­rent policy.

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US back from bipar­ti­san sup­port to poli­tics via exe­cu­ti­ve action again.

edit: Oh, what an ent­i­re­ly unex­pec­ted sur­pri­se, DW has found a pun­dit that con­vin­ces them that this would be the exact thing we should sti­ve for at the moment. Last sen­tence in the inter­view, btw - after that its just thank yous and signing off. Logic behind the argu­ment this time? Well, lis­ten, the­re is some­thing we must have the US do, becau­se, the libe­ral rights based order is in dan­ger, and this has to be stop­ped and… You know the drill by now - values. Values other coun­tries are so impres­sed by, that they congra­tu­la­te euro­pean diplo­mats regu­lar­ly on them, or at least have in the past, when they told them to scram without results. The values though…!

Am 30. Juni 2021 schied Heus­gen aus dem Aus­wär­ti­gen Dienst aus.[12] Er ist seit 2020 Hono­rar­pro­fes­sor an der Uni­ver­si­tät St. Gal­len[13] und Vor­sit­zen­der des Stif­tungs­krei­ses der Münch­ner Sicherheitskonferenz.

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