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08. Mai 2022

Lets play a litt­le game. Are you dumb enough to swal­low this?

Then the head com­men­ta­tor role at “Der Stan­dard” is open to you. Poten­ti­al­ly. Well, after the cur­rent one goes into retirement.

edit: One more, one more, … - Do you know this one? Eric Frey, a lea­ding mem­ber of the Neos par­ty, a polish socio­lo­gist who is also an acti­ve mem­ber in the ECFR, a US based rus­si­an aut­hor who is ‘an outs­po­ken voice against “auto­crats” (*cough* *cough*)’, and an austrian/german his­to­ri­an (Habi­li­ta­ti­on and later rese­ar­cher at the Free Uni­ver­si­ty, Berlin) --


The Free Uni­ver­si­ty was foun­ded in West Ber­lin in 1948 with Ame­ri­can sup­port during the ear­ly Cold War peri­od as a de fac­to wes­tern con­ti­nua­tion of the Fre­de­rick Wil­liam Uni­ver­si­ty, which was in East Ber­lin and faced strong com­mu­nist repres­si­on; its name refers to West Berlin’s sta­tus as part of the Wes­tern Free World, in con­trast to the communist-controlled uni­ver­si­ty in East Berlin.

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-- go into a bar. I mean the Burgtheater.

Oh, what opi­ni­ons might they hold? How could one ever pre­su­me to know their posi­ti­ons pri­or to watching the panel itself?

Com­ment after watching it: It is out­right infu­ria­ting to see that gagg­le of ‘experts’ by their own and their friends admis­si­ons and defi­ni­ti­ons, without any rea­list (real­po­li­tic) or geo­po­litcs based noti­on, or any idea what “the US with­drawing” would mean con­cep­tual­ly, or any idea about what it takes in terms of glo­bal mili­ta­ry invest­ments to secu­re tra­ding rou­tes, or any idea on why ger­ma­ny put up a 100 bil­li­on invest­ment fund for defen­se pur­po­ses wit­hin the first week, just to get ves­ted inte­rests on board (money that was liter­al­ly snap­ped into exis­tence based on a noti­on of “it needs to exist”, and spe­cial sta­te powers to incre­a­se publis sec­tor len­ding for such an occa­si­on), and without any know­ledge in the mat­ter on a pro­cess level, invent frea­king eff­bomb moti­va­tio­nal sto­rys for the intel­lec­tual­ly chal­len­ged, and call that “per­spe­ci­ve hun­ting”. While you fail to bring “high levels of cor­rup­ti­on” and “Selen­ky­js lea­ther clad jokes on TV is the new popu­lism we might need so dear­ly” (Not my inter­pre­ta­ti­on, mind you.) onto the same pla­ne of existence…

If you want to pure­ly and sim­ply stul­ti­fy socie­ty the­se days - why book an eff­bomb Burg­thea­ter panel and have them talk about if “post heroic socie­ties” are still pos­si­ble in the future. Eff this till its gone.

I can not bash my head against a wall strong enough not to sole­ly reco­gni­ze this for what it is, name­ly the che­a­pest, lou­siest, most idio­tic form of pro­pa­gan­da ima­gin­ab­le. Con­ju­red up by unin­for­med idi­ots, who­se job it is to sim­ply and pure­ly have an impact on public per­cep­ti­on, with the most benign bullsh*t they can dream up in one and a half hours, from a basis of “they’­ve read some­thing in a news­pa­per” and then copied their trans­at­lan­tic friendship cycles in terms of ori­en­ta­ti­on wit­hin a good/bad argu­men­ta­ti­ve spec­trum, that they them­sel­ves fum­ble argu­ments in, all the frea­king time. (Now, the effing Burg­thea­ter fea­turing the intel­lec­tu­al dan­d­ruff from Alp­bach crowd is into insis­ting, that they are for a short war as well - by sup­ply­ing more and more modern wea­pons even though the US is not, and they are copy­ing all their offi­cial state­ments -- but more offen­si­ve wea­pons dou­ble speed, now also ensu­res, that the con­flict will be over soo­ner, by enab­ling the good guys, to take back more ter­ri­to­ry. Tose F-wards, dont even rea­li­ze that the first peop­le to pro­noun­ce this to ide­al­ly beco­me a long war of attri­ti­on, were all US agen­ci­es and think­tanks. All of them. Not one among the voices that saw the need for that, that wasnt. They dont even effing rea­li­ze, that for Biden “bea­ting Rus­sia” has more impor­t­ance, mea­su­red in terms of funds having been made avail­ab­le by con­gress, than the ent­i­re second covid finan­cial relie­ve packa­ge for the ent­i­re­ty of the US. What a won­der­ful way, I might add, to have no one talk about abor­ti­on being cri­mi­na­li­zed again, once more, by the US supre­me court. What was that old chi­ca­go school con­cept again? Whe­re would we be without a public enemy, that has the inna­te poten­ti­al to uni­fy the coun­try in popu­lism?) Not to men­ti­on the out­right insa­ni­ty, to publicly demand ener­gy import bans (Gas. Now.), based on not even slight­ly under­stan­ding the fall­out they would cau­se. And then deman­ding them more short term, rather than later, becau­se of ‘may­be Trump’. And then not rea­li­zing the insa­ni­ty of that argu­ment made on a public sta­ge. And then not rea­li­zing that US for­eign poli­cy is a bipar­ti­san man­ner. Always has been. That and then add sto­ry­tel­ling so bad, it pains me to lis­ten to it. Why does it still hurt, when I’m con­stant­ly hit­ting mys­elf, by moni­to­ring the­se deve­lo­p­ments in Austria?

Play­ac­ting intel­lec­tua­lism at the bot­tom end of the so dumb, doesnt even rea­li­ze that they didnt come up with what they think is their opi­ni­on spectrum.

This is what hell is like. Full of peop­le being paid to hold insa­ne posi­ti­ons, tal­king to the public, like it would be even dum­ber then they are, which on an open ended sca­le open towards the bot­tom isnt pos­si­ble any­mo­re, acting in roles of “exp­lai­ners in chief” and “ima­gi­neers” of poten­ti­al futures, that are so ins­a­nely past any con­cept of what mat­ters in rea­li­ty, a view­point, they’ll never have to face in their lives… (“I mys­elf hope, that mili­ta­ry hero­ism as a public moti­ve is more like a pha­se…” I mean thanks, do you want your Witt­gen­stein award now or later!? One ques­ti­on though, who the fuck gives out 1.5 Mio. in rese­arch grants for that non­sen­se. You had me at “heroi­cism”. And “public sto­ry­tel­ling”. Hell, stop inven­ting new syn­onyms for pro­pa­gan­da, and we have an under­stan­ding here. Shit­ty, cro­ny sci­ence. Sor­ry, “his­to­ri­cal rese­arch” across friendship initiatives?)

If you dindt rea­li­ze - I frrrrrrrrACKING hate this society.

GETTING PAYED FOR LYING TO PEOPLE -- MAKING NARRATIVES UP ON THE SPOT, COZYING UP TO JOURNALISTS - WHO THEN IN RETURN STOP TO REPORT ON THE ACTUAL STUFF HAPPENING, AND ONLY PUSH OUT THE FUCKING DREAM NARRATIVE VERSION OF EVERY frig­ging STORY - BY CHANGING THE ENTIRE ESSENCE OF IT -- thats then never repor­ted on, thats then bur­ried, and just doesnt beco­me part of the public nar­ra­ti­ve any­mo­re -- becau­se you fuck­ing coo­p­ted jour­na­lism, and made some low­ly payed fuckers afraid of prin­ting any diver­ting con­jec­tu­re, far from it being cri­ti­cal, or true to the source material.


I’m done.

When f*cking Sny­der hims­elf -- the utter ass­ho­le who­se ent­i­re job descrip­ti­on is to come up with cra­zy emo­tio­nal nar­ra­ti­ves, not sci­en­ti­fic enough for his own tra­de, but very “com­pa­ti­ble” with get­ting quick­ly dis­se­mi­na­ted in public, tri­es to argue Demo­cra­cy Now into the f*cking accep­t­ance of an ent­i­re con­cept (an epis­te­me), an ent­i­re “view on things”, that by his own admis­si­on, he inven­ted (as a f*cking epis­te­me), and that oddly enough has no con­cep­tu­al com­pa­ti­bi­li­ty with the rea­li­ty of this beco­m­ing more and more of a US spon­so­red pro­xy war - trys to *fuck­ing* con­vin­ce jour­na­lists of the inter­pre­ta­ti­on, he admit­ted­ly con­struc­ted all by hims­elf using “ima­gi­na­ti­on” and “not knowing” but “his­to­ri­cal con­cepts” -- I mean, do tho­se peop­le have no shame?

Jour­na­lists and no pro­fes­sio­nal inte­gri­ty I get. But what the f*ck dri­ves you to have to try to sell that posi­ti­on to one of the only media out­lets left that still fea­tures inves­ti­ga­ti­ve jour­na­lism - once in a while, as well as the con­text buil­ding stuff on the far end of news sto­ries no one in the US main­stream media has any inte­rest in any­how, usual­ly six mon­ths after the popu­lar news cicle, and may­be a debrie­fing book by some government offi­cial. What dri­ves you, as a per­son, as a human being, to try to flog your utter bullsh*t on that out­let as well. Ten seconds! Well, bet­ter get an emo­tio­nal hook in the­re at the end as well, then…

How. Why? Whyy?

More peop­le without a clue to sell your updated audio­book to? Whyyy?

edit: Ich glau­be wir haben noch nicht genug PR Wich­se­rei für die Woche - kön­nen sich nicht Veit Deng­ler, Irm­gard Griss, Wal­ter Feicht­in­ger, Franz-Stefan Gady, Johan­nes Kopf, Men­as­se und Misik per offe­nem Brief gegen die Neu­tra­li­tät Öster­reichs ein­set­zen? Am Euro­pa­tag? Sogar einen Ver­tre­ter eines Wirt­schafts­for­schungs­in­sti­tuts hat man gefun­den! click und was für eine Freu­de, Mit­glied im wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Bei­rat des Kli­ma­rats der Bür­ge­rin­nen und Bür­ger ist sie auch noch! Na da kann sie ja gleich Wirt­schafs­rück­bau, mit einer per­ma­nen­ten Ver­knüp­fung von Ener­gie­trä­gern mit mehr Umwand­lungs­ver­lust mit Mehr­aus­ga­ben für Frie­dens­si­che­rung in Ein­klang brin­gen. Was für eine unend­li­che Freude.
Der Fried­helm ist auch schon Feu­er und Flam­me und unter­zeich­net gleich mit. End­lich bei den Guten!

Warn­ruf an die Welt! Nato, oder Tot!
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edit: Mit­glie­der des US Con­gress bezeich­nen den Krieg jetzt offi­zi­ell als Proxy-war.

Jetzt wird der Sney­der das Epis­te­me das er erfun­den hat nicht mehr los. Es ist so der­ma­ßen traurig…

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