More stuff being made up

08. März 2022

Eli­ot A. Cohen at the CSIS six days ago: “Putins poli­ti­cal objec­ti­ve in fos­te­ring the cri­sis is to chip away at Natos unity and pur­po­se - expec­ting the ger­mans to stand up and ther­eby fatal­ly wea­ke­n­ing an alli­ence that [in his mind] doesnt exist”.

Kot­kin at the Hoo­ver Insti­tu­te 4 Days ago: “You know, the rea­son why the West is now so uni­fied is becau­se our (US) secu­ri­ty brie­fings were so spot on” - which is essen­ti­al­ly impos­si­ble as an argu­ment taking into account how the cri­sis deve­lo­ped. see click

SH*T: They are making this stuff up, as they are going along!

To sum­ma­ri­ze: After Rus­sia sent over more sup­port tro­ops without mili­ta­ry insi­gni­as into the Don­bas regi­on, and at the Nato the famous “Its and inva­si­on, yet its not an inva­si­on” speech was held and Uvdl rejec­ted to use the word inva­si­on in a CNN inter­view, the Ger­man posi­ti­on chan­ged to “Nord Stream 2 is now fro­zen” - swift­ly. After see­ing that, (the Selenz­kyj speech that cal­led for rus­si­an anti-war acti­vism in rus­si­an on Tele­gramm fol­lo­wed and) Putin deci­ded to move in with rocket strikes and the 30.000 peop­le inva­si­on for­ce becau­se -- “he expec­ted the ger­mans to stand up, and ther­eby fatal­ly wea­ke­n­ing the alliance”.

Con­do­lez­za Rice, has an addi­tio­nal argu­ment, for why the ger­mans being impres­sed by US intel­li­gence capa­bi­li­ty might be true, though - “Ger­mans were among the first, that brought up Swift sys­tem sanc­tions.” The Swift sys­tem sanc­tions that exclu­ded Gaz­prom­bank and Sber­bank?

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