Neat (not just because of Zeihan)

01. Oktober 2022

Good back and forth.

Note: What about exis­ting chi­ne­se eco­no­mic inte­gra­ti­on into the US eco­no­mic sys­tem, out­side attemp­ted mass land owners­hip (may­be a stu­pid ques­ti­on, dont know)?

edit: Lear­ned some­thing new…

[Natu­ral gas is, in essence, a balan­cing for­ce bet­ween the goals of addres­sing cli­ma­te chan­ge and satisfy­ing the ener­gy needs of emer­ging coun­tries.] As this plays out, natu­ral gas has evol­ved bey­ond a regio­nal pro­duct to a glo­bal and fun­gi­ble com­mo­di­ty simi­lar to oil.

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(But then with future pri­ce levels it real­ly isnt?)

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