Russian ‘evidence’

07. April 2022

First they are showing the video­state­ment of the mayor of Bucha from the 31st of March.

Second ‘image pro­of’ (first image actual­ly, first image pro­of was a video) pro­du­ced in the pre­sen­ta­ti­on can not be found via tineye or a goog­le rever­se image search.

Accord­ing to the rus­si­an repre­sen­ta­ti­ve to the United nati­ons, Vas­si­ly Neben­zia, he then is pre­sen­ting a (short) video cap­tu­red by the ukrai­ni­an natio­nal guard, of Bucha, pos­ted on April 2nd, that depicts ukrai­ni­an for­ces ent­e­ring Bucha, not showing any dead bodies in the streets. The video then also would con­tain the ukrai­ni­an mili­ta­ry inter­viewing several peop­le in the town, not one of which would be men­tio­ning a mas­sa­c­re, or mass killings.

[Atten­ti­on, I can’t veri­fy the date of cap­tu­re, or that Bucha is the town depic­ted in the video. Nor can I rule out, that foo­ta­ge was cherrypicked.]

Opi­ni­on: The evi­dence is not very con­clu­si­ve. Nor is it empirical.

Neben­zia is also sta­ting that more ‘infor­ma­ti­on’ would be coming/being released in the Secu­ri­ty coun­cil mee­ting on April 5th. I’ve still not scree­n­ed the full length ver­si­on of that.

edit: Wat­ched the one minu­te video packa­ge that was part of the Zelen­skyys Secu­ri­ty coun­cil speech. And it was effec­ti­ve. Warning: Images are very gra­phic. Which is also, why I will not pro­vi­de a time­code this time.

Groups of peop­le which are depic­ted in Bucha:
- 20 (or so) peop­le dead in the streets.
- Part­ly buried fami­ly of four. (Might have been refe­ren­ced by the eye wit­ness in the polish TV inter­view (unsu­re). Going by descrip­ti­ons, this was one of the loca­ti­ons the ZDF repor­ter visited.)
- Back alley with 8 peop­le kil­led (This was refe­ren­ced in the polish TV inter­view.)
- Group of at least four vic­tims at an unknown loca­ti­on in a later sta­te of decomposition.
- Group of at least four peop­le in what seems like a cel­lar with their hands see­min­gly zip­tied behind their backs, dead.
- Three peop­le lying in a yard, dead.
- Bur­ned remains of a corp­se (might refer to the examp­le of a raped women who was then bur­ned in an attemp­ted cover up, that was refer­red to in two speeches)
- Two other corp­ses, one bur­ned at unknown locations
- Ano­t­her group of at least two, pro­bab­ly more bur­ned corpses
- A mass gra­ve with about a dozen body­bags showing

I now under­stand the remarks of the ZDF repor­ter, that you dont just sta­ge that. That you can’t. Vis­cer­al­ly - I get it.

Also, com­pa­red to that, what RT is cur­r­ent­ly doing (from me watching about 5 seconds of one of their news seg­ments on But­cha - on you­tube, when I was scree­ning vide­os to see, if I could find the first eye wit­ness account on video (I cant - but the ori­gi­nal wri­te­down of the inter­view is lin­ked in here as well as in the pre­vious pos­ting on the topic)), name­ly to have an ‘expert’ give out a state­ment that two of the corp­ses on the street lying next to each other would have to have been kil­led on dif­fe­rent days, becau­se of dif­fe­rent decom­po­si­ti­on sta­tes, is in its own sepa­ra­te cate­go­ry of not­hing­ness. It just doesnt even compare.

For what its worth, I end with Antó­nio Guterres:

We are not say­ing that this spe­ci­fic inci­dent is a war crime, we can’t estab­lish that yet, that is why the­re needs to be detail­ed foren­sic examination…Justice and accoun­ta­bi­li­ty take time; what is important is that this work is under­ta­ken and con­ti­nues to ensu­re accoun­ta­bi­li­ty going forward.”

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edit: I reached the part of the video, whe­re Neben­zia gives his coun­ter­points. They were:

- The corp­ses werent the­re right after the with­dra­wal of the rus­si­an mili­ta­ry, which would be con­fir­med by “several vide­os” [This should refer to the two vide­os shown a day ear­lier in the video up top - state­ment is doubt­ful at the least]
- The corp­ses on the streets couldnt have been the­re for three or four days, jud­ging from their decom­po­si­ti­on sta­te, much less sin­ce the 20th of march, like the NYT repor­ted [in some cases].

edit2: Natio­na­le Unter­su­chungs­kom­mis­sio­nen wur­den von Frank­reich, Tsche­chi­en, Deutsch­land, Est­land, Litau­en, der Slo­wa­kei, Schwe­den und Spa­ni­en auf­ge­stellt. src: click

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