So first off fuck you, second off fuck you and third, fuck you

24. Februar 2024

First off:

Was­ley Clark “I belie­ve this is a war that lasts ano­t­her 6 years, but then the Ukrai­ne can win!”. Fuck you.

Second off:

Mr. I’m Respon­si­ble for the Messaging “We need to tell wes­tern popu­la­ti­ons, that this is about the wes­tern world and wes­tern values to get them on board”. Fuck you

Third off:

Mr. “I’m an entre­pre­neur, and the more I think about this, I think we are going to win this in the long run”. Fuck you. Why? Later.

Fourth off:

Media: “Rus­sia is try­ing to play the long game here - Putin thinks he can win in the long run!” Yeah, nar­ra­ti­ve fits like a glove, dont you think?

Also fuck you.

Becau­se of what “ano­t­her 6 years” means. (Thats basi­cal­ly con­tin­gen­cy plan­ning for ano­t­her fai­led offensive.)

Also fuck you for “I think about the Ukrai­ne war as ending in Taiwan.”

Fuck you espe­cial­ly for that, Was­ley Clark.

To the peop­le that are dumb enough to fall for that - plea­se do.

I scream in ago­ny, each and every day.

(Also word to the rus­si­ans - I’d not plan on the ukrai­ni­an Artil­le­ry capa­bi­li­ty to “cata­stro­phi­cal­ly fail five mon­ths from now”, like that one guy said into the micro­pho­ne on sta­ge - becau­se “he wan­ted to be very open and hel­pful”. Actual­ly, plan for the oppo­si­te being the case.

Just a hunch.)

edit: On second thought - just lis­ten to Was­ley Clark, guys…

Gene­ral thinks you need 500 air­craft, and that a tac­ti­cal nuke is pro­bab­ly likely to be dro­ped on Ukrai­ne in the upco­m­ing 6 years the figh­t­ing will still pro­long - and that you need to toughen up and face this as Ukrai­ne. Becau­se, and I quo­te “You are figh­t­ing the batt­le for wes­tern civi­liz­a­ti­on . We can finish it here.”

Just make that your main messaging towards euro­pean poli­ti­cal lea­ders from now on and see whe­re it takes you..

Also that reli­an­ce on “com­bi­ned tac­ti­cal for­ces” seems like a dis­as­ter in the making - becau­se of new capa­bi­li­ties in the elec­tro­nic war­fa­re space. Dis­rup­t­ing just one class of mili­ta­ry devices seems far more likely to beco­me a fac­tor going for­ward. So to ampli­fy power - sure, but to depend on that struc­tu­ral­ly? Well - I’m total­ly out of my depth here, so -- seems wrong… 😉

edit: John E. Herbst (for­mer (2003-2006) US Ambassa­dor to Ukraine):

The pro­blem we have in the framing of the war in Ukrai­ne is that we frame it as the war in Ukrai­ne, the­re­fo­re it is per­cei­ved espe­cial­ly by peop­le in the United Sta­tes who are not focu­sing on for­eign poli­cy, that this is not an ame­ri­can [wes­tern] pro­blem. If we frame it pre­cise­ly - we have an aggres­si­ve nuclear super power, who has iden­ti­fied the United Sta­tes as is princip­le advers­a­ry if not its enemy, and every day seni­or rus­si­an offi­cials, Narish­kin, Putin, the rus­si­an media Samal­jov [Solo­wjow?], Simon­jan, talk about the nas­ty things they want to do to the United Sta­tes, if we under­stand that this is a pro­blem about con­tai­ning an aggres­si­ve Krem­lin, not a pro­blem of hel­ping the poor Ukrai­ni­ans, the respon­se would be very dif­fe­rent. We need a poli­cy of con­tain­ment of an aggres­si­ve Rus­sia, which is actual­ly going to set the way for a more aggres­si­ve Chi­na. We frame it that way, we can win this fight.


Wed­nes­day the Atlan­tic coun­cil orga­ni­zed a con­fe­rence advo­ca­ting con­tain­ment of rus­sia, as an ame­ri­can poli­cy. Our lea­ders have to start to point this out every day. The white house has to do this, our lea­ders in euro­pe have to do this. If repe­ti­ti­on is a way to get this accross, we do that - we can chan­ge the deba­te, thank you!”

Yeah, fuck you. For that lie you’­re pan­de­ring, but I’m sure the ger­man news media will be very wil­ling to accom­mo­da­te and fol­low your fever­dreams - and just fuck over the public per­cep­ti­on, like they did for the past two years.

Fuck you for the sug­ges­ti­on to take rus­si­an TV pro­pa­gan­da as the tem­pla­te for reality.

Fuck you.

edit: In more “Wait, what?!” news: Accord­ing to the Cent­re of Eas­tern Stu­dies, Rus­sia blew up the Nova Kachow­ka dam, so the Ukrai­ni­ans “could not bring over Himars to tar­get the Kertsch Bridge from the other side of the river”.

Yeah, about that… yeah…

Wan­na draw lines from Robotyne?

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Bildschirmfoto 2024 02 25 um 08 47 40

May­be rethink that, befo­re it beco­mes part of our histo­ry books… Thanks.

Pro­pa­gan­da hat aber schon wie­der nie­mand ent­deckt, was will man machen…

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