So, job initiatives to get people into weapons manufacturing fast next, right?

31. März 2024

I mean, thats the only not pre­do­mi­nant­ly risk based pro­blem that needs sol­ving right now, right? And on all the risk based issu­es, we go with “our morals” and “wes­tern values” as always right?

Am I right guys?


Ok.. if not, I at least have an idea on who’s got­ta tell Selen­skyj. May­be just lea­ve a pho­ne with this video play­ing on his desk - he likes vide­os… And phones…

Alt­hough you have to find a way to con­den­se this into 3 minu­tes 50… Kee­ping a heroes atten­ti­on is hard the­se days.

I kid.

Now to the non kid­ding part. Watch this.


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