The important thing is Ukranian people have a lot of backbone

25. März 2022

and a lot of guts, and the US is the only coun­try thats based on an idea. Sounds cor­ny, but it is so. endquote -

Ah, war is fun, isnt it. *sarc*

edit: “But also the average citi­zen, look how they are step­ping up. They are step­ping up.”

We are the essen­ti­al nati­on. The­res a bit of hyper­bo­le around it, but the truth is, we are the orga­ni­zing princip­le around which the rest of the world is moving.”

We are in the midst of a fight bet­ween demo­cra­ci­es and oligarchies…”

Which is why I held the demo­cra­cy sum­mit on which no one knew why the hell they were the­re on Decem­ber 9-10, 2021.

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