The peace president

23. März 2022

Ukrai­ni­an Pre­si­dent Volo­dym­yr Zelen­sky pro­vi­ded an update on talks with Rus­sia during an address that was pos­ted on his government’s Face­book page on Tuesday.

We con­ti­nue working on dif­fe­rent levels to make sure that Rus­sia is con­vin­ced that this atro­cious war has to be stop­ped. We con­ti­nue our dif­fi­cult nego­tia­ti­ons. This is chal­len­ging. Some­ti­mes scan­da­lous,” he said.
Zelen­sky also said, “I am gra­te­ful to all of the inter­na­tio­nal inter­me­dia­tors who work with us and bring the true pic­tu­re to Rus­sia and con­vin­ce them to see the rea­li­ty of com­bat actions. And that the world is not going to stop the truth, our truth.”

We will fight until the end bra­vely and open­ly,” he added

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Is ram­ping up coun­ter PR, a coun­ter­of­fen­si­ve, thanking all inter­me­dia­tors who work with us to bring the true pic­tu­re to rus­sia - the truth, our truth, while sta­ting that they will fight until the end, bra­vely and open­ly, and thanking the pope for his strong posi­ti­on against the war. Becau­se, and thats important, he invi­ted him. (Not my framing, CNN.)

Nego­tia­ti­ons would con­ti­nue, but are dif­fi­cult, chal­len­ging, and some­ti­mes scan­da­lous.

Fran­ce says the­re is no agree­ment in sight for a cease­fire in Ukrai­ne though.
While the US has “seen indi­ca­ti­ons” Ukrai­ni­ans are “going a bit more on the offen­si­ve”. Only a bit though.

Aman­pour is hel­ping, as always, by asking a Putin spo­kes­per­son when rus­sia would be wil­ling to use nuclear wea­pons, gets “if faced with an exten­ti­al thre­at” in return, which CNN then brings as Putin spo­kes­per­son refu­ses to rule out use of nuclear wea­pons if Rus­sia faced an “exis­ten­ti­al thre­at”. Dabb­ling into MAD and game theo­ry basics.

See also, old cran­ky weird dude:

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