Want to watch a japanese ambassador lie?

15. März 2022

- and all the while defi­ne the upco­m­ing eco­no­mic and secu­ri­ty poli­cy for Euro­pe over the next 20 years?

He even says it three times in a row, just for good mea­su­re, its hard to miss - like, you know, when you come up with a thought, and then repeat it three times in a row, becau­se… Oh sor­ry - no one is going to do that, unless they’d want it to stick - as they didnt at all come up with it on the spot. Oh yes, and like, when you then add a “this is not zero sum, becau­se Japan will still be nee­ding Ger­ma­ny and Ger­ma­ny needs Japan” at the end, just for good mea­su­re. Becau­se, you know, you do.
But dont worry - Japan would even be wil­ling to take Ukrai­ne refu­gees. Hes sure of it, alt­hough he doesnt repre­sent the japa­ne­se government of cour­se. But with pro­spects like these…

G.M.F. deli­vers

(The best thing to do is to do not­hing at all (des­pi­te kee­ping the public enemy image up for more than a year, and pos­si­b­ly years), and stick tog­e­ther, even though we ful­ly anti­ci­pa­te this to beco­me a long war of attri­ti­on - other­wi­se Chi­na might get ide­as in terms of whats fea­si­ble, and also Japan is expo­sed to/dependent on less than a 10th of ger­man ener­gy needs from rus­si­an exports, so the best thing real­ly is to be pati­ent and stick this through - then Japan gets the invest­ment Ger­ma­nys not going to get, while the US will not be expo­sed at all, while Chi­na will not get the idea, that cal­cu­la­ting stra­te­gies deri­ved from Rus­si­as attack cos­ts is a worthwhile thing, and ever­ything can stay like it is, just with Ger­ma­ny get­ting com­ple­te­ly ram­rod­ded in the pro­cess, oh and Ukrai­ne of course…)

Want to see a middling US col­le­ge histo­ry pro­fes­sor go into a third round of “keep ger­ma­ny down” rhe­to­rics, and clas­si­fy it as the first coun­try that would try to break out of a joint Nato posi­ti­on, dis­tinct­ly even more so than Turkey?

The money quo­te to look for is “we’­ve got to keep our eyes on ger­ma­ny and keep them in line”.


Also, of cour­se, ever­yo­ne on the G.M.F. panel can agree, that this is a “pati­ence game” - sor­ry, war of attri­ti­on, that will play out in the Ukraine.

This one is for the (wes­tern) values, I think. So much values, Doge amount of much values. Is the pope in Kyiv yet? edit: He has. Finally!

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