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02. April 2022

Ah, das Atlan­tic Coun­cil, hats end­lich geschafft bei Selen­sky­js Regie­rungs­man­schaft durch­zu­klin­geln - zum Ver­gleich, das war ihre Posi­ti­on - Stand 31. März: click.

Vor drei Minuten:

Ukrai­ni­an pre­si­den­ti­al advi­ser calls for hea­vier wea­pon­ry from the West as Rus­sia shifts mili­ta­ry focus


 ‘Afgha­niz­a­ti­on’ is when the­re is a strong guer­ril­la resis­tance across the coun­try that inflicts hea­vy los­ses on the aggres­sor for many mon­ths or even years and thus signi­fi­cant­ly wea­kens the power of the occupier’s army,” he said. “Such actions took place during the Soviet Union’s attempt to con­trol Afgha­ni­stan: Afghan guer­ril­las des­troy­ed and wea­ke­ned the Soviet occu­p­iers for years. As a result, wea­ke­ned Rus­sia as a whole.”

Pod­olyak con­ti­nued, “Some of our part­ners belie­ved that some­thing simi­lar could hap­pen in today’s Ukrai­ne. The Rus­si­ans think other­wi­se. They have estab­lis­hed in the east and south and are dic­ta­ting har­sh con­di­ti­ons. So we defi­ni­te­ly can’t do without hea­vy wea­pons if we want to unblock the east and Kher­son and send [back] the Rus­si­ans as far as possible.”

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Neu­es Nar­ra­tiv: Wer kei­ne Offen­siv­waf­fen schickt ist ne Pus­sy. (Was sind eigent­lich Offen­siv­waf­fen?)

Our part­ners must final­ly under­stand that the ‘Afgha­niz­a­ti­on’ they want and the long-lasting exhaus­ting con­flict for Rus­sia will not hap­pen,” Pod­olyak said. “Rus­sia will lea­ve all Ukrai­ni­an ter­ri­to­ries except the south and east. And will try to dig in the­re, put in air defen­se and shar­ply redu­ce the loss of its equip­ment and personnel.”

Die Ukrai­ne wird gewinnen!

Gut, da ist das Atlan­tic Coun­cil noch ande­rer Mei­nung, aber das kannst du als Bera­ter des Prä­si­den­ten ja schlecht aussprechen…

Ukrai­ne is cur­r­ent­ly in despe­ra­te need of swift poli­ti­cal decisi­ons in Wes­tern capi­tals to pro­vi­de the coun­try with a wide ran­ge of offen­si­ve wea­pons. This is the only mea­su­re that can rea­listi­cal­ly stop Putin in Ukrai­ne. It is futi­le to expect Ukrai­ni­an con­ces­si­ons at the nego­tia­ting table to satisfy Rus­sia. Such thin­king is actual­ly far more likely to encou­ra­ge Putin, lea­ding to fur­ther acts of inter­na­tio­nal aggres­si­on in Ukrai­ne and beyond.


Putin will pur­sue the­se cri­mi­nal goals until he is stop­ped. Unless the West pro­vi­des Ukrai­ne with suf­fi­ci­ent wea­pons in the very near future, the­re may soon be no Ukrai­ne to defend. 

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Regi­me­chan­ge durch einen lan­ge andau­ern­den Auf­rei­bungs­krieg, und dar­auf­fol­gen­de innen­po­li­ti­sche Kon­flik­te in Russ­land, oder Tot!

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