You’re so f*cked. I mean, we are so f*cked. :)

08. Juni 2022

A few points.

This is not a discussion.

The mode­ra­tor isn’t moderating.

Peop­le arent boun­cing off each other, or even reac­ting to each other.

Half of the panel gets trap­ped in “if I say some­thing with big feels, an intern­al­ly cohe­rent argu­ment will follow”.

More than half of the panel is opti­mi­zing for social media likes, in a for­mat, whe­re the­re are no social media likes.

A panelist sug­gests, that may­be this is all about enter­tain­ment. More entertainment.

No one has any idea how to address the public, becau­se, ever­yo­ne would still very much like to feed it PR, and then not deal with it.

A few peop­le don’t seem to know what the Mon­tan Uni­on was about. 

Peop­le are still cap­tu­red by the ques­ti­on, if the EU should build train tracks to get the grain out of Ukrai­ne. Here is what Putin is pro­bab­ly tel­ling the sou­thern hemi­s­phe­re whe­re you are loo­sing your “war for the hearts and minds of people”.

We ope­ned har­bors for them, they are not using them. We’d pro­bab­ly ste­al 20% of the grain Ukrai­ne wants to ship through our faci­li­ties, but thats food that you are still get­ting. At a good pri­ce. We cur­r­ent­ly need the cur­ren­cy. When we are cap­tu­ring land, we are sen­ding you the food we cap­tu­red. The euro­peans call that ste­aling. Ukrai­ne will loo­se the capa­ci­ty to pro­du­ce as much grain in the fol­lowing years, we will not. Rus­sia and Chi­na can pro­vi­de you with fer­ti­li­zer next year, Euro­pa can not. The US wont care to. 

Then Pre­si­dent Charles Michel holds a 20 minu­te speech on who sea­m­i­ned Odes­sa. To which the respon­se diplo­ma­ti­cal­ly will be:

Yes. If they demi­ne it, we would have to give up the city in the midd­le of a war and gift them a tra­de rou­te (equip­ment goes in). Do you think thats a likely solu­ti­on to your pro­blem? How about some of our grain and more fer­ti­li­zer next year?”

Here is what Euro­pe is doing:
“We have no gas, we have no cop­per, we have no nickel, how about we build an infra­st­ruc­tu­re to get last years grain out of the Ukrai­ne now?”

I hope this is just an effing PR mess (After all, it’s just the Ers­te Foun­da­ti­on…), and not a reflec­tion of the sta­te we are in right now. Oh god, I sin­ce­rely hope so…

(At least some of the questions/statements are decent.)

edit: Rus­si­as offi­cial stance on grain exports from Ukrai­ne isnt so far remo­ved from my ramb­lings.. 😉 Apart from the Ukrai­ne its­elf cur­r­ent­ly not wan­ting to demi­ne Odessa.

edit2: Turns out the most cohe­rent voice in the “deba­te” was brie­fed. As in repre­sen­ted Car­ne­gie Euro­pe, not just her per­so­nal output/opinions. Oh well… Good to know that at Car­ne­gie Euro­pe some peop­le are still asking rele­vant ques­ti­ons, I guess.

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