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17. November 2010

Not the best sales pitch…

Kurz und bündig.

Video ist hier online.

Buch der Autoren hier online zu erwerben.

Über die Autoren:

Betha­ny McLean is the for­mer editor-at-large for For­tu­ne maga­zi­ne, a con­tri­bu­ting edi­tor to Vani­ty Fair, and the aut­hor of a book tit­led “The Smar­test Guys in the Room.” Her book explo­res the behind the sce­nes dra­ma that lead to the col­lap­se of Enron. The book was later tur­ned into a film. Accord­ing to the Busi­ness Insi­der, McLean will begin a new role as a Wall Street and finan­ce colum­nist for Sla­te in the com­ing weeks.

McLean’s co-author Joe Noce­ra (who Race­Talk inter­view­ed after his sud­den and aggres­si­ve call from Ste­ve Jobs)  is best known for his expert repor­ting on manage­ment and busi­ness for the New York Times. Pri­or to his cur­rent role, Noce­ra, like McLean, worked as an edi­tor for For­tu­ne maga­zi­ne. He also wro­te regu­lar colum­ns for GQ and Esqui­re and ser­ved as a con­tri­bu­ting edi­tor to Newsweek.

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