11. Januar 2022

The moment you realize…

10. Januar 2022

Fran­zis Hau­gen was **so** important to ger­man socie­ty, the NDR (ZAPP..) had one who­le free­lan­cer on the issue..

(Other out­lets also sent free­lan­cers to the euro­pean con­ta­ct group of jour­na­lists tal­king to Hau­gen. So this is not a one off…)

But then, tho­se free­lan­cer (sin­gu­lar) also were the peop­le that were doing the most in depth repor­ting, out­s­trip­ping the ent­i­re rest of the ger­man media sys­tem, while get­ting no air­ti­me. So they now have to use the web to bring for­ward details.

edit: After watching it: The details she brings for­ward are opi­ni­ons most­ly, so apart from hea­ring the state­ment I mir­ro­red here in the first part of the pos­ting, you are bet­ter off watching the UK hea­rings - as no new infor­ma­ti­on is unvei­led in this talk, and the over­all detail level is low. Which brings us back to one freelancer…

And I quote…

09. Januar 2022

the scrip­tures of Carl Sagan… 😉

I have a forebo­ding of an Ame­ri­ca in my children’s or grandchildren’s time -- when the United Sta­tes is a ser­vice and infor­ma­ti­on eco­no­my: when near­ly all the manu­fac­tu­ring indus­tries have slip­ped away to other coun­tries; when awe­so­me tech­no­lo­gi­cal powers are in the hands of a very few, and no one repre­sen­ting the public inte­rest can even grasp the issu­es; when the peop­le have lost the abi­li­ty to set their own agen­das or know­led­ge­ab­ly ques­ti­on tho­se in aut­ho­ri­ty; when, clut­ching our crys­tals and ner­vous­ly con­sul­ting our horo­scopes, our cri­ti­cal facul­ties in decli­ne, unab­le to dis­tin­guish bet­ween what feels good and what’s true, we sli­de, almost without noti­cing, back into supers­ti­ti­on and darkness. The dum­bing down of Ame­ri­ca is most evi­dent in the slow decay of sub­stan­ti­ve influ­en­ti­al media, the 30 second sound bites (now down to 10 seconds or less), lowest com­mon deno­mi­na­tor pro­gramming, credu­lous pre­sen­ta­ti­ons on pseu­do­sci­ence and supers­ti­ti­on, but espe­cial­ly a kind of cele­bra­ti­on of ignorance”

src: Sagan, The Demon-Haunted World (1995)

Cur­te­sy of MSNBC had someo­ne that read a twit­ter­feed. 🙂 Yeah, sor­ry about that… 😉

(Ori­gi­nal source was red­dit but MSNBC did­n’t get that… 😉 )

Want to acidify the oceans faster? There’s a startup for that.

06. Januar 2022

Don’t worry, its all natu­ral. Also, could I inte­rest you in some healt­hy snack foods? Foun­der loo­ks depres­sed and has pre­fab respon­ses baked into her repertoire.

For­bes 30 under 30 young entre­pre­neurs hono­u­rees 2022. (Too long for a hashtag.)

PS: Wait for the “inclu­si­ve snacking” byline, it’s tha bomb.

The magic of orthodoxy

06. Januar 2022

Cur­te­sy to the bri­tish rag that is the Tele­graph, that almost was acqui­red by Sprin­ger a few years ago. Of cour­se in their “Off Script” seri­es that fea­tures frin­ge opi­ni­ons, to also give them some form of repre­sen­ta­ti­on wit­hin society.

In a 2020 inter­view with Toby Young, Kot­kin descri­bed the 1619 Pro­ject from the New York Times as an “intel­lec­tu­al fraud” based on a slan­ted and incom­ple­te ana­ly­sis of his­to­ri­cal data.[12] His latest book is The Com­ing of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Glo­bal Midd­le Class (Encoun­ter Books, 2020).[13]

src: click

So the­re goes ano­t­her per­so­na non grata…