Drei ganz normale Tage im Leben Selenskyjs

14. Juni 2024

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They are after me! What proof?

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Quick, lets some­bo­dy scat­ter, that voi­cing their opi­ni­on, and poin­ting at other coun­tries that see that the same way is “a sub­t­le boy­kott”. Not just voi­cing their opi­ni­on and poin­ting at other coun­tries that see it the same way.

In Gesprä­chen mit Ent­wick­lungs­län­dern hat Chi­na den Diplo­ma­ten zufol­ge die Kon­fe­renz nicht offen kri­ti­siert oder die Län­der dazu auf­ge­for­dert, ihr fern­zu­blei­ben. Ein Insi­der sag­te aber, Chi­na habe erklärt, das Tref­fen wür­de den Krieg ver­län­gern. Zwei ande­ren Diplo­ma­ten zufol­ge hat Chi­na west­li­chen Natio­nen gesagt, vie­le Ent­wick­lungs­län­der teil­ten Pekings Ansich­ten zur Kon­fe­renz. Vom chi­ne­si­schen Außen­mi­nis­te­ri­um war zunächst kei­ne Stel­lung­nah­me erhältlich.

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My bes­test friends!

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*pssst* Noo­ne tell Selen­skyj, that they never sold rus­sia wea­pons in the past (during Rus­si­as war on Ukrai­ne), only parts… He’ll find out soon enough.

Ah, Ukrai­ne…


Stupid, stupid, stupid

13. Juni 2024

Guys! Guys! I’ve got it! - Here is how we plan the peace con­fe­rence track!

- So first we take Selen­sky­js hate tira­de, which is still coi­ned “Selen­sky­js Peace for­mu­la” to this day. Tho­se are five points. You know the one with “the enemy has to be bea­ten, and be punis­hed, and pay, and lea­ve” at its heart.
- Then we silent­ly remo­ve the parts that are so stu­pid it hurts (we need a world wide action for­ce against all wars guys! Whos with me? Selen­skyj thinks its a gre­at idea!)”
- Then of cour­se we pam­per it up with the utter­most fluff, that “ever­yo­ne will find easy to agree to”. Then we’e got 10 points. (Ok, some of the fil­ler is real­ly thought­ful and easy to agree on.)
- Then we open­ly sta­te - guys, guys, this is the trick - we talk about this, and then when we all agree, we might invi­te rus­sia - but only if it honors our plan!
- Then we coin that “the peace sum­mit”
- Then we start to put out the­re the “Rus­sia is try­ing to sabo­ta­ge the peace”, “Chi­na is try­ing to sabo­ta­ge the peace” pro­pa­gan­da - if anyo­ne else in the world in terms of power bro­kers does anything about it
- Then we tell our part­ners (ger­ma­ny), that hey guys - we do this, so final­ly we dont have to react to other peace con­fe­rence “offers” any­mo­re - becau­se look guys -- we have our own!
- Then we let slip into the open that “qua­li­ty of part­ner­sta­tes” was far less important than “quan­ti­ty”
- Then we rebrand it as the “FIRST PEACE SUMMIT”, event though its the fifth mee­ting, becau­se we real­ly, real­ly nee­ded a restart con­cep­tual­ly - yet we still hold on to the initi­al points of the Selen­skyj for­mu­la
- Then we let our ambassa­dor slip, that we pre­ven­ted rus­sia to come, to get more coun­tries to attend, becau­se we real­ly just wan­ted the public per­cep­ti­on mojo
- Then we sell to the ger­man dele­ga­ti­on, that no - no, lis­ten to us, this is just an open frame­work, so wha­te­ver coun­tries will agree on, we’ll then use to pres­su­re rus­sia into peace talks
- By making sure, this frame­work is the ONLY one thats used in peace talks - ever, so noi­sy chi­ne­se - and bra­si­li­ans, and -- just stop, becau­se we’­ve got a gre­at plan here
- Which alrea­dy mir­rors EXACTLY the same pro­pa­gan­da BS that Kule­ba put out the­re on one of the first press con­fe­ren­ces on the side­li­nes of Davos in the first year, which is “guys - you can mount peace dis­cus­sion efforts, if you fol­low the rules, guys!” With the rules back then being “con­ta­ct lines cant be moved” and “the ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty of Ukrai­ne must be preserved”

Excu­ses are get­ting dum­ber by the day

- which every media out­let in ger­ma­ny ate up like effin cake, becau­se “Selen­skyj still loo­king for peace!”
- then you visit the east asi­an coun­tries in a US friend­ly venue and get all sorts of “what the eff you you want us to do here” qus­ti­ons from every repor­ter
- then as Selen­skyj you tell them - guys, guys, this is real­ly only about three very important fluff points, like nuclear safe­ty, and food secu­ri­ty (by now fluff, becau­se exports are flowing, future pro­jec­tion not inclu­ded in that thought), and huma­ni­ta­ri­an things, mucho import­an­to -- its just about that, so come and sup­port us plea­se!
- then you let slip, that you only talk about fluff, becau­se thats the first con­fe­rence after the restart, and you real­ly want quan­ti­ty, not qua­li­ty - so you get “brand reco­gni­ti­on”, and this isnt the Selensnkyj for­mu­al any­mo­re
- then you con­tra­dict this by sel­ling to the public that this is the next new and bet­ter second com­ing of what was pre­vious­ly the UN char­ta which “doesnt work”
- then con­gre­ga­ti­ons around the world are star­ting to act like you’­re insa­ne (about time, plus minus)
- then somehow, you tell to the ger­man dele­ga­ti­on, no - no, thats fine, becau­se even though we insist, that this frame­work (and no other frame­work) is used for all future peace talks, but look --- its real­ly “open ended” in terms of out­co­mes, becau­se we will deba­te the points that sound to ever­yo­ne like “rus­si­an capi­tu­la­ti­on” in the last two ses­si­ons, or may­be never, when we dont have inter­na­tio­nal agree­ment, or the war inter­fe­res.
- And then when we have an inter­na­tio­nal agree­ment amongst part­ners, and rus­sia must accept it, we final­ly can have peace!

Also -- this is the “Peace for­mu­la”, which pre­vents all other peace talks, until we can achie­ve agree­ment under our peace frame­work, amongst 100 sta­tes internationally.

So of cour­se this is a “peace summit”.

- Then you chan­ge the public PR to “this should lead to a peace sum­mit” 15 days befo­re the start.

And this ladies, and gen­tle­men is how you achie­ve just peace.

The ger­man dele­ga­ti­on has bought it - no quar­rels about it.

- Oh, and what this does to the wider public -- well, thats what media is for, right?


Second issue with that DGAP meeting --

Ukrai­ne not at all cor­rupt guys, you should real­ly visit it, then it doesnt feel like, just ano­t­her coun­try at war, it feels like a coun­try thats almost wes­tern and so full of hope!

Yeah gre­at, guys - what about the drop outs from lea­ding posi­ti­ons in the recon­struc­tion con­fe­rence frame­work, right befo­re the con­fe­rence? Whe­re the second per­son lea­ving, made it sound like - may­be cor­rup­ti­on still being an inte­gral part of the rebuil­ding effort, at the sta­te level… (Not my asses­ment, Fran­ce 24 (Video here).)

Also you still know that the­re is eco­no­mic data out the­re from befo­re the war, right? Or that the main asset the Ukrai­ne is for­ced to give out again cur­r­ent­ly as a secu­ri­ty for loans is agri­cul­tu­ral land. Or that the coun­try is at war, or… I guess its not­hing but poten­ti­al, becau­se you’­ve got the NGO peop­le talk to the sta­ke­hol­ders for the first time at the recent recon­struc­tion con­fe­rence in ger­ma­ny, right? Keep the spi­rit up! This is final­ly moving! (In terms of non ener­gy inten­si­ve invest­ments in the very west, I guess? Gre­at ear­ning oppor­tu­ni­ty! Rus­sia will likely never get the­re. Redu­ce your risks! Make REAL money, invest in war recon­struc­tion, during the war!)

The­re also was a third point, which I seem to have for­got­ten, but it was less important…

edit: Pas­send dazu hat sich die NZZ heu­te zu einem “Erklärt” durchgerungen:

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edit: Had the wrong arti­cle refe­ren­ced in here for the Kule­ba press event. Fixed.

edit2: Die NZZ schreibt sich um die­se Bege­ben­hei­ten her­um noch drei Sze­na­ri­os von denen eines dann doch noch Erfolg ist. Muss man gele­sen haben. (click)

So apparently the “denazification” narrative was active in societies

13. Juni 2024

in cri­mea as well - pre rus­si­an capture.

Its from an audi­ence ques­ti­on by a per­son that cant remem­ber the book tit­le of the book she has read, so I have not much to work with here -- but the experts on sta­ge dont nega­te it. It being, that peop­le were out­right afraid, that the “nazis” might come and harm them, short­ly befo­re the rus­si­an invasion.

If that was the case -- isnt it the first thing that comes to mind, that this must be cra­zy rus­si­an Put­ler, or that his aim must be regime chan­ge, becau­se think of the term den­azi­fi­ca­ti­on? May­be not?

The logic, that this is used, so the poli­ti­cal lea­ders­hip of a regi­on can be exch­an­ged - might be a desi­red side effect, but its not the main goal of that pro­pa­gan­da narrative.

The main goal being (assu­med) the one you have the most desi­red effect on. So the main goal of that nar­ra­ti­ve was to put popu­la­ti­ons under fear, to move them towards inaction?

Why am I hea­ring this for the first time today?

Also if it was acti­ve in cri­mea, short­ly befo­re the rus­si­an inva­si­on, of cour­se you pick it as the main nar­ra­ti­ve pre wider inva­si­on -- so it can have its effect on the popu­la­ti­on in the east.

Oh yeah - right, …

Pro­pa­gan­da hat wie­der nie­mand entdeckt.

Am Aller­we­nigs­ten in “war­um wir in den Krieg gehen” Reden…

Victoria Amelina!

13. Juni 2024

Dan­ke Robert Bosch Stiftung!

I remem­ber!


I have to won­der though which of her books Timo­thy Sny­der Remem­bers most favourably…

1. The Fall Syn­dro­me, or Homo Compatiens


Kost­ya is an ordi­na­ry Ukrai­ni­an, a pro­duct of our time. Poli­tics and Mai­dan pro­tests are of litt­le inte­rest to him. But the sub­tit­le of the novel “Homo Com­pa­ti­ens” - the man who sym­pa­thi­zes sug­gests: the main cha­rac­ter will not be able to stay in his com­fort zone.

2. Someo­ne or a Water Heart


The prot­ago­nist of this book is Someo­ne. And to find out who he real­ly is, he will have to try: learn to read, find a team of like-minded peop­le and rea­li­ze dreams tog­e­ther. A fun and very beau­ti­ful sto­ry for the litt­le ones about the pro­blem that they them­sel­ves will soon have to sol­ve: who am I and what is my dream? And this sto­ry hap­pen­ed in a big aqua­ri­um, big and round, like our planet.

3. Dom’s Dream Kingdom


A fun­ny pood­le named Dom tells us the sto­ry of a fami­ly - an old colo­nel and several genera­ti­ons of women. The dog and the peop­le feel awk­ward in the small Lviv apart­ment whe­re he lived befo­re… What dif­fe­rence does it make? The stones will not tell. Or they will tell you if you have a dog’s sen­se. Are the­re any sto­ries that will help a colo­nel from the east of Ukrai­ne or his dog final­ly feel at home in Lviv in the 90s?

It seems that you will never find a key to someo­ne else’s chest. Never let go of the fighter’s helm again. Neit­her the dog nor the walls will ever accept new owners. But some­ti­mes someo­ne else’s secret turns out to be yours too. And may­be the heroes of this sto­ry will mana­ge to find a home.


4. Sto­ries of Eka the Excavator


Eka is a small exca­va­tor. But his adven­tures are big, some­ti­mes even on a glo­bal sca­le! Eka, like a real super­he­ro, has the power to save the world… may­be. Eka likes to talk about his ama­zing adven­tures: on how he scoo­ped up half the sea with a bucket, or how he plu­cked a star from the sky… or even of when he almost sto­le an ice­berg in Ant­arc­ti­ca. Eka real­ly wants to be important! Perhaps he can help St. Nicho­las, or bring a dino­saur ske­le­ton to a muse­um, or sim­ply save his beloved park from dest­ruc­tion… May­be, just may­be, like the famous Baron Mun­chau­sen, Eka exa­g­ge­ra­tes a litt­le in his storie-e-es? The­re is only a way to find out!

Storie-e-es of Eka the Exca­va­tor is a collec­tion of the fun­nies sto­ries from the most tal­ka­ti­ve exca­va­tor in the world!

War­ti­me work

After the Rus­si­an inva­si­on of Ukrai­ne star­ted, she worked as a war cri­mes rese­ar­cher for Truth Hounds, a Ukrai­ni­an organization.[18][19][17] She used her trai­ning as a nove­list to inter­view witnesses.[17]

In Sep­tem­ber 2022, while doing rese­arch in the Izi­um regi­on, she unco­ve­r­ed the war dia­ry of fel­low Ukrai­ni­an wri­ter Volo­dym­yr Vaku­len­ko, who had been kil­led by the occu­p­y­ing for­ces in March 2022.[17][20] In May 2023, Vaku­len­ko recei­ved a post­hu­mous award from the Inter­na­tio­nal Publis­hers Asso­cia­ti­on, which Ame­li­na accep­ted on his behalf.[17]

Ame­li­na also hos­ted intern­al­ly dis­pla­ced Ukrai­ni­ans and hel­ped to deli­ver huma­ni­ta­ri­an aid in Lviv.[17]

Per­so­nal life and death
Ame­li­na had a son in the ear­ly 2010s.

As of 2022, Ame­li­na lived in Kyiv.[18] In June 2023, after recei­ving a resi­den­cy in Paris, Ame­li­na con­si­de­red moving the­re with her 12-year-old son.[17]

On 27 June 2023, she was inju­red during the Rus­si­an attack on Kra­ma­tor­sk while she was dining at RIA Piz­za tog­e­ther with Héc­tor Abad, Ser­gio Jara­mil­lo and Cata­li­na Gómez. The restau­rant was hit by an Iskan­der missile.[21][22] Ame­li­na died due to her inju­ries on 1 July at the Mech­ni­kov Hos­pi­tal in Dnipro at the age of 37.[23][24] She was buried in Lviv.[17]

In 2023, a tri­bu­te to Ame­li­na, Not­hing Bad Has Ever Hap­pen­ed, was publis­hed by Arrows­mith Press. It inclu­ded inter­na­tio­nal con­tri­bu­ti­ons and pre­vious­ly publis­hed work by Ame­li­na in Eng­lish translation.[25]

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NTV bucht jetzt freie ukrainische Journalisten als Ukraine Experten

12. Juni 2024

Viel­leicht auch eine Idee für zdf heute?


One degree of sepa­ra­ti­on to: Robert Bosch Stiftung:
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Die inter­na­tio­na­le För­de­rung der Robert Bosch Stif­tung ent­wi­ckel­te sich unter dem Ein­druck der bei­den Welt­krie­ge und hat­te zunächst zum Ziel, zur Aus­söh­nung Deutsch­lands mit sei­nen Nach­barn bei­zu­tra­gen. Daher stand in den ers­ten Jah­ren die Ver­bes­se­rung der deutsch-französischen und deutsch-polnischen Bezie­hun­gen im Fokus.[6] So för­der­te die Stif­tung über vie­le Jah­re den Aus­tausch von Schü­lern, Leh­rern und Wis­sen­schaft­lern aus Deutsch­land und Polen. Von 1982 bis 2000 gab sie gemein­sam mit dem Deut­schen Polen-Institut (DPI) die 50-bändige Pol­ni­sche Biblio­thek heraus.[25] Eben­falls gemein­sam mit dem DPI ver­gab sie von 2003 bis 2019 den Karl-Dedecius-Preis.[26] Ab den 1980er Jah­ren enga­gier­te sich die Stif­tung für die Stär­kung der trans­at­lan­ti­schen Bezie­hun­gen. So ermög­lich­te sie seit 1984 mit dem Robert Bosch Foun­da­ti­on Fel­low­ship Pro­gram rund 600 ame­ri­ka­ni­schen Nach­wuchs­füh­rungs­kräf­ten einen Arbeits­auf­ent­halt in Deutschland.[27] Nach Ende des Kal­ten Krie­ges rück­ten auch die Län­der Mittel- und Ost­eu­ro­pas, spä­ter Län­der der Öst­li­chen Part­ner­schaft in den Blick: Die Stif­tung ist unter ande­rem Gesell­schaf­te­rin und Mit­grün­de­rin der 2006 ins Leben geru­fe­nen Stif­tung Deutsch-Russischer Jugendaustausch.[28] Ab der Jahr­tau­send­wen­de wei­te­te die Stif­tung ihre Tätig­keit auf Asi­en und Afri­ka aus. Bila­te­ra­le For­ma­te wur­den schritt­wei­se durch mul­ti­la­te­ra­le und the­ma­tisch fokus­sier­te Pro­gram­me ersetzt. Ab 2010 för­der­te die Stif­tung zudem Pro­jek­te aus dem Bereich Frie­den. 2014 grün­de­te sie die Robert Bosch Aca­de­my in Ber­lin, an der Exper­ten aus aller Welt zu glo­ba­len gesell­schaft­li­chen Her­aus­for­de­run­gen arbeiten.[29]

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Polen, Ame­ri­ka, Russ­land und Frie­den! Ja ist denn heut schon Weihnachten.

One degree of sepa­ra­ti­on to: Amerikahaus:
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Wo den NTV wohl ken­nen­ge­lernt hat…