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07. Oktober 2014

Inter­es­san­tes Snip­pet heu­te via fefe. Er ver­linkt RT als Quel­le - die sich auf das Tran­skript von bezie­hen. Hier die Wort­fol­ge im O-Ton:

Throughout we’ve given Putin a simp­le choice: Respect Ukraine’s sov­er­eig­n­ty or face incre­a­sing con­se­quen­ces. That has allo­wed us to ral­ly the world’s major deve­lo­ped coun­tries to impo­se real cost on Russia.

It is true they did not want to do that. But again, it was America’s lea­ders­hip and the Pre­si­dent of the United Sta­tes insis­ting, oft times almost having to embarr­ass Euro­pe to stand up and take eco­no­mic hits to impo­se cos­ts. And the results have been mas­si­ve capi­tal flight from Rus­sia, a vir­tu­al free­ze on for­eign direct invest­ment, a ruble at an all-time low against the dol­lar, and the Rus­si­an eco­no­my tee­te­ring on the brink of recession.

Etwas mehr Kon­text aus der sel­ben Rede:

And this brings me to the Wes­tern Hemi­s­phe­re, a vital part of the Paci­fic equa­ti­on, but whe­re there’s ano­t­her gre­at oppor­tu­ni­ty. The Pre­si­dent asked me to over­see our hemi­s­phe­ric rela­ti­ons. And for the first time in histo­ry, you can tru­ly envi­si­on a Wes­tern Hemi­s­phe­re that is secu­re, demo­cra­tic and midd­le class, from nort­hern Cana­da to sou­thern Chi­le, and ever­y­whe­re in bet­ween. But we have to over­co­me cen­tu­ries of distrust. We can no lon­ger look at the regi­on in terms of what we can do for it. The ques­ti­on is what can we do tog­e­ther in this hemi­s­phe­re. And the pos­si­bi­li­ties are endless.

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