Biden: The polish pope and Kierkegaard told me, Putin can not stay in power

26. März 2022

Not liter­al­ly, but you get the drill…

Star­ting at a litt­le after 27 min in.

So the­re you have it.

Play­book complete.

edit: The speech has a who­le sec­tion on how Mear­s­hei­mer is a liar. Nato is a defen­si­ve alli­an­ce, not offen­si­ve! You have to know, that in sci­en­ti­fic cir­cles this argu­ment is ent­i­re­ly void - btw, as “defen­si­ve” lies in the eyes of whoever con­trols the main nar­ra­ti­ve at the time. Thats what the con­cept of “fal­se flag attacks” is about, btw not that its necessa­ri­ly used that often… Read this arti­cle on epis­te­mes to under­stand the concept.

Goo­g­led Nato defen­si­ve just for the kicks of it.

This is the third search result: click just the­in­ter­cept, you dont have to read it, but damn… This is the new pos­tu­la­ted rea­li­ty. The pre­do­mi­nant com­mon narrative.…

edit2: The speech also has a sec­tion in it, that “this war threa­tens the rules based inter­na­tio­nal order estab­lis­hed sin­ce WWII”. On that you should read up on the Bret­ton Woods sys­tem and the gold-dollar stan­dard, which was later repla­ced by the petro­dol­lar (you’ll under­stand the impor­t­ance of “rare com­mo­di­ties” paya­ble only in a sin­gle cur­ren­cy in the next few mon­ths… 😉 ), oh - and on natio­na­lism vs. free­dom, read this, and watch Cur­tis’ Cen­tu­ry of the self - Part 1 should suffice.. 🙂

Oh, last point, in Bidens speech, its the rules based inter­na­tio­nal order that gua­ran­te­ed peace in euro­pe for the last 70 years. Stran­ge whe­re I’m from that was always the merit of the Euro­pean Union…

edit3: One more. Arte just brought up the pax ame­ri­ca­na con­cept in its “quick exp­lai­ner” seri­es. Best pri­mer for that one I know: click (Ger­man, has a lucid intro, but its good. Arte production.)

edit4: Neue Aus­re­de für Voll­idio­ten, und Jour­na­lis­ten die kom­plett nichts mehr raffen:
“Bidens Rede macht sein Team ner­vös”.
Ich bin mir sicher der Biden hat sei­ne zwei Tele­promp­ter aus den US und den Text der dar­auf lief im Flug­zeug auf dem Weg nach Polen selbstgeklöppelt.
Es gibt wohl kaum einen inte­gra­le­ren Bestand­teil des “Teams” um einen Prä­si­den­ten, als sei­nen Speech­wri­ter. “Anschei­nend stand der Satz so nicht im Manu­skript.” Jo, schei­be, dann hat er den noch vom Briefing…

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