Hallelujah! Oh, no…

28. März 2022

Ukrai­ne is wil­ling to beco­me neu­tral and com­pro­mi­se over the sta­tus of the eas­tern Don­bass regi­on as part of a peace deal, Pre­si­dent Volo­dym­yr Zelen­sky said on Sunday, after a Ukrai­ni­an nego­tia­tor said the next round of face-to-face talks with Rus­sia would be held in Tur­key on March 28-30.

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No Selenskyj/Putin talks, no Jeru­sa­lem, neu­tra­li­ty final­ly on the table, com­pro­mi­se over the sta­tus of eas­tern Don­bass. Issue: Rus­si­ans cur­r­ent­ly not con­fir­ming that they will part­take in this round of peacetalks.

Then -- one day later…

KIEV, March 28. /TASS/. Ukraine’s prio­ri­ties at talks with Rus­sia remain the same, Ukrai­ni­an Pre­si­dent Vla­di­mir Zelen­sky said on Mon­day. Accord­ing to him, they invol­ve Ukraine’s sov­er­eig­n­ty, ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty and secu­ri­ty guarantees.

A new round of nego­tia­ti­ons is ahead, becau­se we are loo­king for peace. Our prio­ri­ties in the nego­tia­ti­ons are known. Ukraine’s sov­er­eig­n­ty and ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty are bey­ond doubt. Effec­ti­ve secu­ri­ty gua­ran­tees for our sta­te are man­da­to­ry. Our goal is obvious - peace and the res­to­ra­ti­on of nor­mal life in our nati­ve sta­te as soon as pos­si­ble,” he said in a video address publis­hed on his office’s Tele­gram channel.

Sh*t, Selen­skyj got on the inter­net again!

But wait, this is TASS, so that must be rus­si­an propaganda!

*goog­le­fu on*
NOPE, checks out.

Can someo­ne take that guys mic away?

Also, while we are still tal­king about mas­ter communicators:

Biden says he wasn’t cal­ling for regime chan­ge in Russia
US Pre­si­dent Joe Biden said on Sunday that he was not cal­ling for regime chan­ge in Rus­sia when he said on Satur­day that Pre­si­dent Vla­di­mir Putin “can­not remain in power.”

No,” Biden said as he left a church ser­vice in Washing­ton when asked by a repor­ter whe­ther he was cal­ling for regime chan­ge in the country.

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That must have been a pret­ty elo­quent “No” from Biden, lea­ving church ser­vice on Sunday, there…

edit: Times Radio insists, that the­re is a rus­si­an PR ang­le to this and not just Selen­skyj being Selen­skyj… (Selen­sky­js poli­ti­cal aides being who they are…)

edit2: Ori­gi­nal inter­view (Selen­skyj with “non main­stream” rus­si­an journalists):

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