CNN promotes the Lyman lie

02. Oktober 2022

of the “stra­te­gi­cal­ly very important sup­ply hub” -

- You need: Colo­nel in front of magic wall.

- Drawing in the stra­te­gic impor­t­ance of the rail sup­ply­line. Direct­ly into never rus­si­an held ukrai­ni­an territory. 

So you are sup­ply­ing rus­si­an tro­ops from firm­ly held ukrai­ni­an ter­ri­to­ry, thats… ehm THE MAGIC WALL! THE COLONEL AND THE MAGIC WALL! DONT LOOK BEHIND YOU, ITS A THREE HEADED MONKEY!

- Then later drawing in the actu­al advan­ces (the L shape and a cir­cle), that stops at Lyman, going east, not south, with the next rus­si­an fall­back point being 30km east of that. Still under full rus­si­an rail sup­ply. Who­se sup­ply rou­te actual­ly extends to the east and south, through rus­si­an held territory.

But you dont need to exp­lain that, quick - lets move on - its THE MAGIC WALL!

edit: 20 seconds later - next slide:

What could the Ukrai­ne do?

- Con­so­li­da­ting gains around Lyman & moving into Luhansk

Wait. You have just pro­ven, that the Donezk regi­on isnt imp­ene­tra­ble, and you’­ve stop­ped all tho­se HUGE rus­si­an sup­ply efforts through ukrai­ni­an held ter­ri­to­ry into the south (?), wea­ke­n­ing tho­se tro­ops imme­mens­ly, as this was a “stra­te­gi­cal­ly very important sup­ply hub”, now you are moving to Luhansk regi­on in the north, becau­se the tar­get of stra­te­gic impor­t­ance is Sva­to­ve (Luhansk Oblast, direct­ly acces­sed via Kup­jansk, but not via Lyman, …), like the NYT and the FT repor­ted? Becau­se its still an acti­ve rus­si­an rail sup­port hub for Luhansk.


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