The US defense minister promotes the Lyman lie

02. Oktober 2022

And a DW cor­re­spondant in Kiew pro­mo­tes ano­t­her Lyman lie.

This new Lyman lie - have you heard? Lyman is stra­te­gi­cal­ly important for the Ukrai­ne, becau­se it opens up a new way fur­ther into the Luhansk regi­on, with pos­si­b­ly Sever­odo­netsk and Lys­y­chansk being the next targets.


Sever­odo­netsk is just behind Kre­min­na and Rubi­sch­ne, which is still an acti­ve rail­way hub rus­sia operates.

Lys­y­chansk as well. (Remem­ber the twin cities on the Donets river? Right.)

So Lyman was so stra­te­gi­cal­ly and logisti­cal­ly important, becau­se you got the rus­si­ans to move back to their fall­back posi­ti­on 30km east­wards? To Krimenna?

Of utmost importance

Wel­co­me to Lyman - the stra­te­gi­cal­ly important city for the wider 50km radius.

Such a gre­at achie­ve­ment, and the first city in the Donezk regi­on! So lets now move to Luhansk, or back to Lys­y­chansk and have a real fight, or get a real­ly important sup­port infru­s­t­ruc­tu­re hub.

Remem­ber when the rus­si­ans cap­tu­red Lys­y­chansk? By pushing across the river? Remem­ber how important Lyman was for them in that instance? Oh, yeah - not at all, as it was Ukrai­ni­an held.

What a stra­te­gic city of 20.000! So important.

So by now we’­ve gone through the fol­lowing narratives.

Lyman is so important, becau­se its a trans­por­ta­ti­on hub! - No it isnt, not for near­ly a mon­th - see Ukrai­ni­ans encir­cled it from three sides, and it was a for­mer bridgehead.

Lyman is so important becau­se cap­tu­ring it inter­rupts the rus­si­an logistics flow into the south - No it isn’t taking Kup­jansk and Isjum was what did that.

Lyman is so important becau­se it is the most nort­hern city in Donezk. True, but that doesnt make it stra­te­gi­cal­ly or logisti­cal­ly important, that makes it PR important - see, now lets con­ti­nue, by moving north into Luhansk? (Away from Donezk?) Or back east to Lys­y­chansk? For a repeat of the mon­ths long twin cities fight (at least the popu­la­ti­on is most­ly gone by now…) for a River cros­sing. 50km east of it?

Lyman is so important, becau­se now more rus­si­an sup­port hubs are in HIMARS ran­ge - no, not if rus­si­an sup­port hubs cor­re­spond with rail­way sta­ti­ons, becau­se all of them alrea­dy were in HIMARS ran­ge if you had posi­tio­ned them in Isjum. (30km isnt that much, for a HIMARS fired geo­lo­ca­ti­on tar­ge­ting mis­si­le. And the­re are no new rail­way sta­ti­ons in the new­ly gai­ned 30km of HIMARS range.)

Lyman is so important, becau­se now Sva­to­ve can be next! - no it isnt, Sva­to­ve can be acces­sed via Kup­jansk, not via Lyman.

Lyman is so important, becau­se it offers ano­t­her way into Sie­ver­odo­netsk and Lys­y­chansk. Yeah cool - pro­bab­ly the most true of all sti­pu­la­ti­ons, so now Lyman is a city on the way, with a radi­us of stra­te­gic impor­t­ance of 50km. 30km to be exact, becau­se rus­si­ans moved back to Kreminna.

You know that the media has total­ly figu­red this out, and repor­ted the fac­tu­al impor­t­ance of Lyman, when the­re are six dif­fe­rent nar­ra­ti­ves (plus a bonus nar­ra­ti­ve of the DW Kiew cor­re­spon­dent try­ing to rec­ti­fy it for hims­elf by sug­ges­ting it is so important, becau­se it lies bet­ween Donezk and Luhansk - so its so stra­te­gi­cal­ly important becau­se its geo­gra­phi­cal­ly uni­que!) for why it is important wit­hin two days of the media first repea­ting the Ukrai­ni­an Pro­pa­gan­da line, that it was a very important recap­tu­re that one - ONE DAY AFTER rus­si­as annex­a­ti­on of four ukrai­ni­an repu­blics, even!

You know, that its just not­hing but Putins weak­ness, that makes Lloyd Aus­tin sta­te a com­ple­te and abso­lu­te non­sen­se state­ment into came­ra, that it is important for rus­si­ans sou­thern sup­ply­rou­tes, which was also what CNN repor­ted coin­ci­dent­al­ly. But not the NYT, not the FT, and by now not even DW. The flip­ping cor­re­spon­dent in Kiew has to cor­rect the US defen­se minis­ter, and come up with an alter­na­ti­ve rea­so­ning that now encom­pa­ses the stra­te­gic impor­t­ance of “50km east­ward” - becau­se not­hing that was repor­ted ear­lier makes any sense.


Jour­na­lism, right?

Oh yeah, lets put this into con­text once more.

Here you have all the cor­re­spon­ding cities on one map.


The distance bet­ween Kup­jansk and Lyman is 50km. North of Kup­jansk is the rus­si­an bor­der. Isjum is in the shot on the left. The rail­way line in ques­ti­on goes through Kups­jansk, through Isjum, then into Lyman. And Lyman is the stra­te­gic mar­vel in the Ukrai­nes coun­ter­of­fen­si­ve, the most com­pre­hen­si­ve suc­cess sin­ce the start of the coun­ter­of­fen­si­ve, becau­se rus­si­ans moved from Lyman 30km to the east and now bun­ker down in tren­ches west of Rubischne?

Can I get this in wri­ting plea­se? Can someo­ne sign this off?

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