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26. Juli 2023

… and then the stuff bet­ween the statements.

Wie kann man die Bevöl­ke­rung eigent­lich noch verarschen?

Mit Kon­sis­tenz.

Falls mal wie­der jemand rum erzählt, dass wenn die Rus­sen die Krim ver­lie­ren, das kei­ne Aus­wir­kun­gen auf die rus­si­sche Föde­ra­ti­on habe. Und dass alle die das Gegen­teil behaup­ten rus­si­sche Pro­pa­gan­da streu­en würden…


Gen. Ben Hod­ges - der Exper­te dem die ZDF Bericht­erstat­tung und der stell­ver­tre­ten­de Pro­fil Chef­re­dak­teur ver­trau­en, am 22. Mai 2023:

H: I don’t under­stand why the the decision-making pro­cess is so incre­men­tal. I think there’s an exa­g­ge­ra­ted con­cern, not exa­g­ge­ra­ted - I think they are over­ly con­cer­ned that Rus­sia might use a nuclear wea­pon and so there’s a huge amount of cau­ti­on the­re, and and I do belie­ve that this is the pre­si­dent - I don’t think he’s just doing wha­te­ver the natio­nal secu­ri­ty staff says, or the Pen­ta­gon says, alt­hough I think they have a simi­lar view, they’­re very con­cer­ned and of cour­se, I mean the pre­si­dent liter­al­ly has the weight of the world on his shoul­ders and has to be more suspect than, than I do but I think this is part of the rea­son why they’­ve been so incre­men­tal, but the fact that they haven’t made the decla­red a state­ment we want Ukrai­ne to win and here’s our objec­ti­ve, without that, then, then you start making poli­cy decisi­ons in an incre­men­tal way. Now I don’t know this I think the Chi­ne­se are com­mu­ni­ca­ting somehow that they clear­ly do not want Cri­mea to fall, becau­se they don’t want to see the Rus­si­an Fede­ra­ti­on col­lap­se, so that may be one of the calculations […]

Dan­ke Herr Ex-Nato-General, sie neh­men mir fast die Wor­te aus dem Mund.

Auch ansons­ten sind sei­ne Kom­men­ta­re ein Quell der Freu­de, hier ein beson­ders schö­nes Schman­kerl das illus­triert wor­über so in US Mili­tär­krei­sen phi­lo­so­phiert wurde:

H: I think Salu­schnyj and the gene­ral staff have said the­re are three con­di­ti­ons, that they - that need to be met befo­re they’­re rea­dy to go. The first one is the con­di­ti­on of their own for­ces. Do they have enough com­bat power that could pene­tra­te all of the­se line­ar Rus­si­an defen­ses, the trench lines, the Dragon’s Teeth, the mine­fiel­ds - all of that and make it all the way to - I think to the Sea of Azov to cut the so-called land bridge as well, as to secu­re the nuclear power plant Sapo­rischsch­ja. I think they are very, very con­cer­ned, under­stand­a­b­ly, for that thing, so do they have the com­bat power to do that - that’s going to pri­ma­ri­ly be armo­red bri­ga­des tanks, mecha­ni­zed infan­try, armo­red engi­neers, self-propelled artil­le­ry, air defen­se, that can move for­ward and attack an over­whel­ming com­bat power on a nar­row front - there’s no need to attack the full six seven eight hund­red miles up front, but whe­re do you want to get over­whel­ming com­bat power - and so not only is it num­bers and I think they pro­bab­ly have put tog­e­ther several bri­ga­des more than we know publicly of, units that are pro­per­ly equip­ped and have been trai­ning the­re for the past few mon­ths - I mean none of the­se were diver­ted to Bach­mut which is why it’s so important, the sacri­fice that Bach­mut was - to allow this to hap­pen, so that’s num­ber one and of cour­se you’­ve got bri­ga­des that are equip­ped with Ukrai­ni­an equip­ment, bri­ga­des that are equip­ped with cap­tu­red Rus­si­an equip­ment and then you’ll have bri­ga­des that are equip­ped with Ger­man Mar­der, Ame­ri­can Brad­ley, French AMXs - I mean the who­le zoo of uh wes­tern pro­vi­ded equip­ment which will be very capa­ble, but also that’s a heck of a logistics challenge.

The second con­di­ti­on is the Rus­si­an for­ces, have they degra­ded enough the com­mand and con­trol the head­quar­ters the logistics of the Rus­si­an defen­ses uh you know we see fuel sto­rage pla­ces on fire all the time, now ammu­ni­ti­on sto­rage - tho­se kinds of things, trans­por­ta­ti­on net­works that would make it dif­fi­cult for the Rus­si­ans to react and adjust and then the decep­ti­on plan obvious­ly the Rus­si­ans know some­thing is com­ing but just like in June of 1944, the Ger­mans knew the Allies were com­ing but whe­re when and how was still unknown and so I think that’s what the Ukrai­ni­an gene­ral staff is working on still.

The third con­di­ti­on is the ground. You can’t do a sin­gle thing about that, except wait and uh the the ground in this part of Ukrai­ne in par­ti­cu­lar, becau­se of the drai­na­ge of so many rivers and whe­re it heads towards the Black Sea is uh par­ti­cu­lar­ly nas­ty when it’s wet so they have to wait until it’s dried out enough so that the hund­reds of hea­vy track armo­red vehi­cles will be able to keep moving, not get stuck - liter­al­ly in the mud. Tho­se are the three con­di­ti­ons and I think when that said then Gene­ral Salu­schnyj, he will turn to his pre­si­dent and say “We are rea­dy to go!” and - 

F: I think there’s been a lot of pres­su­re from Washing­ton and from other NATO capi­tals to move up the time­ta­ble but that’s pro­bab­ly a big mista­ke, given what you just said about them nee­ding to be ready..

H: Yeah, I think Pre­si­dent Zelen­skyy has said we’ll go when we’­re rea­dy you know, uh - just the other day he said we could go right now and we would win but it would cost us so many more casu­al­ties, whe­re­as if they wait until tho­se three con­di­ti­ons are ful­ly met to the extent that is fea­si­ble I think of cour­se that that’s ent­i­re­ly a Ukrai­ni­an call and you know they know the ground bet­ter than we’ll never know, they know the con­di­ti­on of their own for­ces bet­ter, they know the Rus­si­an side bet­ter than we’ll ever know and so the­re is a sort of a impa­ti­ence almost becau­se there’s so much coverage of all this and and it’s uh peop­le are anxious to see what’s going to hap­pen, and so the­re is the­re is pres­su­re um - I think the ukrai­ni­ans that will do what they have been doing is they’ll they’ll make the decisi­on on their time and they’ll do it their way.

Also wir hal­ten fest: Hod­ges Ende Mai: Selen­skyj hat gera­de vor eini­gen Tagen ein State­ment abge­ge­ben, dass der Boden noch zu feucht sei --

die ukrai­ni­sche Offen­si­ve begann dann Anfang Juni, aber bereits im Juli muss das ZDF wie­der das Huren­wichs­er­schwein von Nico Lan­ge reha­bi­li­ti­en, der ja weiß - also ja dass die Rus­sen ihre Ver­tei­di­gung so gut aus­bau­en konn­ten das lag ja an den spä­ten Waf­fen­lie­fe­run­gen der NATO Partner!

Selen­skyj wäre mit dem schwe­ren Gerät ja auch viel lie­ber in den Schlamm gefahren.

Das ist halt Wis­sen das die deutsch­spra­chi­ge Öffent­lich­keit ein­fach nicht zur Kon­tex­tua­li­sie­rung braucht - und das die geeig­nets­ten Jour­na­lis­ten ein­fach wie­der regel­mä­ßig, bei Gele­gen­heit, bei­na­he wie auf Zuruf - vergessen.

Jetzt kann Hod­ges ja den größ­ten Stuss erzäh­len, wenn nur der Tag dafür lang genug ist - auch wenn er es bei Refe­ren­zen auf Reden die unlängst gehal­ten wur­den nor­ma­ler­wei­se eigent­lich nicht macht - egal, die eigent­li­che Sen­sa­ti­on hier besteht nicht dar­in was Hod­ges sagt, son­dern im Interviewer.

Frank­ly, *hust*Bullshit*hust* ist ein Pod­cast For­mat von Fran­cis Fuku­ya­ma - der seit Mai mit fol­gen­den Leis­tun­gen auf­ge­fal­len ist:

1. Eine hal­be Stun­de zum bull­shit­ten­den Ben Hod­ges im eige­nen Pod­cast mit dem Kopf genickt. CHECK!

2. Das ukrai­ni­sche Azow Bat­tali­on mit allen Wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Ehren ZWEIMAL in Stan­ford bei ihm am Insti­tut auf­mar­schie­ren las­sen? CHECK!

3. Schnell noch bei Robert Wright vor­bei­ge­schaut und öffent­lich geäu­ßert wie sehr er selbst an das vier, jetzt fünf Stein­sta­tu­en Nar­ra­tiv von Fio­na Hill glaubt, das von der Broo­kings Insti­tu­ti­on ent­wor­fen wur­de um der euro­päi­schen Öffent­lich­keit zu ver­deut­li­chen, Putin glau­be er sei ein Zar. CHECK

Jetzt könn­te man bei einer der­art AKTIVEN Leis­tung in den letz­ten zwei Mona­ten natür­lich ins Grü­beln kom­men, und ver­mu­ten Fuku­ya­ma müs­se sei­nen Namen und sei­ne Posi­ti­on, gera­de in der Zeit vor der Gegen­of­fen­si­ve, für pro-ukrainische Pro­pa­gan­da hergeben…

Aber das kann ja nicht sein, da die west­li­chen Medi­en bis heu­te kei­ne US oder ukrai­ni­schen Pro­pa­gan­da­netz­wer­ke ent­deckt haben.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das abso­lut abrund­tief Allerletzte.


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Hier als abso­lut not­wen­di­ge Musik­un­ter­ma­lung: Udo Jür­gens, “17 Jahr, Blon­des Haar”, dankt mir später.

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