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13. September 2023

Can someo­ne lay it out for me, why peop­le should sup­port this war for ano­t­her 10 years via paypal (thats how long ger­ma­ny has plan­ned its mili­ta­ry aid for, which Anne App­le­baum finds high­ly appro­pria­te), when clear­ly cri­mea is almost out of fuel, and the sub­se­quent fami­ne, which Ukrai­ne can use as a means of pres­su­re to for­ce rus­sia to nego­tia­te, surely is only a mat­ter of days away?

Becau­se its 20 USD Tues­day, so lets get a dona­ti­on train rolling?

I’m cur­r­ent­ly watching this (see below) - and would real­ly like to know.

The favo­ri­te con­fe­rence of Timo­thy Sny­der (see: , see also: click) has gone into ano­t­her round!

Here is what was dis­cus­sed - with hea­vy US par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on and mode­ra­ti­on this time around:

YES WAR ROOM: Yal­ta Euro­pean Stra­te­gy Annu­al Mee­ting 2023 Opening

The ope­ning panel was rebran­ded “YES war room”.

From the war room, we get strai­ght into:

What Does This War Mean for the Future of Man­kind and Today’s Civilization?

Then of cour­se we ven­ture over to

What Heroes Fight For and Give Their Lives For

And yes, at least one hero sad­ly has died.

Of cour­se, lea­ving amp­le time to get into the real­ly important, detail­ed stuff, like --

What Works In Today’s World and What Must Be Chan­ged? (with Boris Johnson)

Which is fores­ha­dowing the next panel of -

To Secu­ri­ty and Jus­ti­ce in an Unsafe World: Con­cre­te Steps

Then comes the con­fe­rence highlight:

A Con­ver­sa­ti­on with Geor­ge W. Bush: Ukrai­ne and NATO: Loo­king Back to 2008 and to the Future

Befo­re real­ly get­ting into the deep fis­cal deba­tes of -

Sup­por­ting Ukrai­ne Is the Best You Can Do For the Glo­bal Economy?

After which its final­ly time for a -

Working Bre­ak­fast: Insti­tu­ti­ons, Mecha­nisms and Plans for Ukraine’s Reconstruction.

Which leads into the aptly named -

The Eco­no­my of Sur­vi­val and the Eco­no­my of Recovery

Which means for any bankrupt coun­try plea­sing inter­na­tio­nal inves­tors of cour­se, so we get to

Reforms, Demo­cra­cy and Ukraine’s Acces­si­on to NATO and the EU


But then they are more inte­res­ted in -

The Mili­ta­ry Front

Now we come to the aspi­ra­tio­nal part of the Conference.

The Power of Ukraine’s Ideas

but what would the Power of Ukraine’s ide­as be without Natio­na­lism? So lets have a ses­si­on on:

Has the West Lear­ned from Its Mista­kes After Years of Neglec­ting Ukrai­ne to coope­ra­te with Russia.

Then, strai­ght into

Healing Ukrai­ne: Reha­bi­li­ta­ti­on and Men­tal Health

(Becau­se Hero sad­ly died?)

But then back on track with the best our mili­ta­ry lea­ders­hip can mus­ter in terms of brin­ging this to a mili­ta­ry end, which of cour­se is a panel on -

Path to Vic­to­ry: A View from the US Government

After having heard so much regar­ding the future of Ukrai­ne, its time for - a Townhall:

Town­hall What is the Defi­ni­ti­on of Vic­to­ry as of Sep­tem­ber 9, 2023?

Topic: Vic­to­ry, what does that even mean?!

But honest­ly I have no idea what this is:

Of 8 Bil­li­on Peop­le, How Many Are on Ukraine’s Side?

May­be a public edu­ca­tio­nal function/initiative of the ukrai­ni­an state?

May­be we can ask him?

Con­ver­si­on with Kyry­lo Buda­nov, Lieu­ten­ant Gene­ral, Chief of the Defence Intel­li­gence of Ukraine

Thats it, thank you for your atten­ti­on and may we see you next year!

Clo­sing Remarks

Havent found any PR here so far though.

Nata­lia Gume­ni­uk (the mode­ra­tor in the Nuland video), for tho­se who dont know her here, is a ukrai­ni­an PR per­son, that does focus tes­ting, on what messaging to use to edu­ca­te the public on topics regar­ding the ukrai­ne war (

We crea­te high qua­li­ty con­tent to pro­mo­te a con­struc­ti­ve dis­cus­sion around com­plex social topics, and test this con­tent on audi­en­ces, befo­re deve­lo­ping edi­to­ri­al stra­te­gies based on the socio­lo­gi­cal rese­arch. Our experts rese­arch public opi­ni­on and test con­tent among dif­fe­rent audi­en­ces, and media archi­tects deve­lop edi­to­ri­al stra­te­gies based on socio­lo­gi­cal rese­arch and audi­en­ces’ feedback. 

Her agen­cy is fun­ded by the ukrai­ni­an government and the Stav­ros Niar­chos Foun­da­ti­on SNF Ago­ra Insti­tu­te at Johns Hop­kins Uni­ver­si­ty. Stav­ros Nia­chos was the, sin­ce decea­sed, greek bil­lion­aire ship­ping com­pa­ny mogu­le who got to buy all US war ships in euro­pe after WW2 for pen­nies on the dol­lar, to start his ship­ping empi­re with. Ah the stories.…

Here is Gume­ni­uk tel­ling an audi­ence, how gre­at the ukrai­ni­an patrol poli­ce is, which all jour­na­lists in the Ukrai­ne have to get accredi­ted by, by now. Inclu­ding a christ­mas tree in the sto­ry and ever­ything.… Gre­at peop­le, by the way, which invi­ted her to con­certs first and later also orga­ni­zed the first jour­na­lists trips to Bucha. (Just one guy in the audi­ence wasnt com­ply­ing and asked a nas­ty ques­ti­on, other­wi­se that event was great.):

Embed­ded Repor­ting == Front­li­ne Journalism

Gut - jetzt bestä­tigt auf der Kon­fe­renz Chris­ti­an Freu­ding, was deut­sche Jour­na­lis­ten bereits vor 23 Tagen hören durften:

Seh­emp­feh­lung wegen etwas ganz Ande­rem. Der Jour­na­lis­mus freut sich wie­der und springt nickend und lächelnd im Kreis, weil er end­lich wie­der Cathryn Clü­ver Ash­brook befra­gen kann, wies denn jetzt weitergeht.

Er war seit zwei Wochen jetzt bereits so gespannt drauf.

Clü­ver Ash­brook erklärt dem deut­schen Qua­li­täts­jour­na­lis­mus heu­te - ja also so 10 Jah­re Krieg wür­de ich für Deutsch­land schon einplanen

src: click

Der Krieg dau­ert noch 10 Jahre.

see: click

Deutsch­land plant die mili­tä­ri­sche Unter­stüt­zung schon bis 2033.

Chris­ti­an Freu­ding wird auf der YES con­fe­rence natür­lich inter­viewt von der unab­hän­gi­gen Anne Applebaum.

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