Kurze Durchsage von Snyder

16. April 2022

Zelen­skyy made us think about values. If Zelen­skyy wouldnt have cho­sen to resist, we would all have been impo­ve­ris­hed, we would have lost this time, we would have never been given this time, as a gift - to speak about who we are and what kind of future we might have. If Zelen­skyy had fled, if the Ukrai­ni­ans had not fought, we would all be that much more cyni­cal, that much more nar­row, that much less capa­ble, of tal­king about how the world ought to be. So thats what I mean, I mean every second, that they resist is like a day for us and every day that they resist is like a year for us…”


and accord­ing to Zei­han, he has a hard time see­ing Ukrai­ne not being taken over by Rus­sia in the com­ing six months, …

Might be too pes­si­mistic here. (But then it’s hard to find someo­ne wil­ling to make tho­se pre­dic­tions right now.)

Jetzt kur­zer Sprach­wech­sel - der Rau­scher emp­fiehlt Sny­der noch immer als wis­sen­schaft­li­chen Bera­ter für die öster­rei­chi­sche Regie­rung, oder?

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