Sophists field day

16. April 2022

The sto­ry tel­ling for the “why we have to influ­ence euro­pean poli­ti­ci­ans now, to make them prime the public” (mir­ror in ger­man) part of the ECFR arti­cle sup­plied by Pro­ject Syn­di­ca­te is out now. 🙂 (At least its the best ver­si­on of the best pos­si­ble argu­ment you can make, for a pro­lon­ged war, I’ve heard so far. :)) 

Sur­pri­se, it is psy­cho­lo­gi­cal pro­filing of Putin again! Oh, and may­be on a more sen­si­ble level, ana­ly­sis of sta­te and mili­ta­ry orga­niz­a­tio­nal struc­tures. Oh, and down­play­ing (but at least men­tio­ning) the advan­ta­ge that real time battle­field ana­ly­sis provides.

Of cour­se it fails to ack­now­ledge the posi­ti­on of the non wes­tern world, and what hap­pens after rus­sia is bea­ten after a long war of attri­ti­on, but then - as long as you can topp­le tyrants… *insert Shake­speare quo­te at the end*

It actual­ly works. Con­cep­tual­ly. And as a moti­va­tio­nal speech.

It’s just that you have to get over the bump of “oh well, lets have a few more peop­le here die soo­ner, rather than later”, becau­se of this theo­re­tic logic we fol­low, about how the world should work, based on insti­tu­tio­nal con­cepts and myths rely­ing on a glo­bal nati­on pro­ne to excep­tio­na­lism… But hey, no one is here to hear the nay­say­er speak, so yes - it works.

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