Meet Kyrylo Budanov, the strategic hero of Charkiw

18. September 2023

and the coun­ter­of­fen­si­ve the­re, “which is now being citied as some­thing which mili­ta­ry his­to­ri­ans will wri­te about and learn from for many years to come.”

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Fran­cis Fuku­ya­ma is also not­hing but impres­sed by this young and exi­t­ing ukrai­ni­an mili­ta­ry leader.

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 13 58 26

Thank you Vic­tor Pin­chuk Foun­da­ti­on, for the exci­ting 30 minutes.

edit: Huh. He was con­fron­ted with two “bad­ly rea­se­ar­ched” BS ques­ti­ons, and he jum­ped through both of tho­se hoops. Hm.

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