Meet Kyrylo Budanov, the strategic hero of Charkiw

18. September 2023

and the coun­ter­of­fen­si­ve the­re, “which is now being citied as some­thing which mili­ta­ry his­to­ri­ans will wri­te about and learn from for many years to come.”

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Fran­cis Fuku­ya­ma is also not­hing but impres­sed by this young and exi­t­ing ukrai­ni­an mili­ta­ry leader.

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Thank you Vic­tor Pin­chuk Foun­da­ti­on, for the exci­ting 30 minutes.

edit: Huh. He was con­fron­ted with two “bad­ly rea­se­ar­ched” BS ques­ti­ons, and he jum­ped through both of tho­se hoops. Hm.

edit2: His­to­ri­ans will not learn about this for years to come:

The head of Ukraine’s top mili­ta­ry intel­li­gence agen­cy has con­fir­med, for what appears to be the first time, that Ukrai­ni­an tro­ops in the country’s eas­tern Don­bass regi­on have fired American-made Jave­lin anti-tank mis­si­les at Rus­si­an or Russian-supported for­ces. The­se mis­si­les, along with other advan­ced wea­pons that the Ukrai­ni­an mili­ta­ry has acqui­red in recent years, such as Tur­kish Bay­raktar TB2 armed dro­nes, would be important fac­tors in the out­co­me of any future major mili­ta­ry con­fron­ta­ti­on with Rus­sia. Fears are gro­wing that the Krem­lin could at least be pre­pa­red to launch a new, large-scale inva­si­on of eas­tern Ukrai­ne as ear­ly as January.

Ukrai­ni­an Bri­ga­dier Gene­ral Kyry­lo Buda­nov tal­ked about the ope­ra­tio­nal use of Jave­lins as part of a recent inter­view with Mili­ta­ry Times, which he con­duc­ted through an inter­pre­ter. Buda­nov, who runs the Chief Direc­to­ra­te of Intel­li­gence of the Minis­try of Defence of Ukrai­ne, also known by its Ukrai­ni­an acro­nym GUR MOU, used the oppor­tu­ni­ty to call for more help from the U.S. government as he sound­ed like the alarm about the Kremlin’s unusu­al deploy­ments of lar­ge num­bers of mili­ta­ry units to are­as oppo­si­te Russia’s bor­ders with Ukrai­ne in recent weeks.

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