Selenskyj bei 60 Minutes

18. September 2023

“Tonight, the pre­si­dent of Ukrai­ne tells 60 Minu­tes about his despe­ra­te fight with rus­sia, pre­ven­ting World War III, and why his peop­le who have lost so much, will never - deal with Putin.”

Selen­skyj: “Its a dif­fi­cult job, you under­stand me right? Giving awards to peop­le who­se faces show their who­le world has collapsed?”

Mode­ra­tor: “Tonight Scott Pel­ley reports from Ukrai­ne, whe­re he sat down with pre­si­dent Vlo­di­mir Selen­skyj in the capi­tol Kiev.”

Scott Pel­ley: We met Pre­si­dent Selen­skyj as he pre­pa­red to depart Kiev for the United Sta­tes, this week he will speak at the UN and meet Pre­si­dent Biden. It is a cri­ti­cal time. US offi­cials tell us, that over near­ly 600 days, almost half a mil­li­on tro­ops have been kil­led or woun­ded. Both sides, all­tog­e­ther. Part of the cost, so far - of Vla­di­mir Putins unpro­vo­ked inva­si­on. We spo­ke to Selen­skyj. On Thurs­day he told us, that his peop­le are dying every day, to pre­vent World War Three. 

Scott Pel­ley being con­cer­ned about World War III:
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We are defen­ding the values of the who­le world, Selen­skyj said, and the­se are ukrai­ni­an peop­le who are paying the hig­hest pri­ce. We are tru­ly figh­t­ing for our free­dom. We are dying. We are not fic­tion, we are not a book. We are figh­t­ing for real.

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With a nuclear sta­te that threa­tens to des­troy the world.”

Scott Pel­ley: “The United Sta­tes has con­tri­bu­t­ed about 70 Bil­li­on Dol­lars to your war effort [see: CFR: click] and I won­der if you expect that level of sup­port to continue.”

Selen­skyj: “The United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca is sup­por­ting the Ukrai­ne finan­cial­ly and I’m great­ful for this. I just think they are not sup­por­ting only Ukrai­ne alo­ne. If Ukrai­ne falls, Putin will surely go fur­ther. What will the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca do, when Putin reaches the bal­tic sta­tes. when he reaches the polish bor­der? He will. This is a lot of money, we have a lot of gra­ti­tu­de, what else must Ukrai­ne do for ever­yo­ne to mea­su­re our huge gra­ti­tu­de? We are dying in this war. Look, if Ukrai­ne falls, what will hap­pen in ten years, just think about it if the rus­si­ans reach Poland -”

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whats next? A third world war?”

Scott Pel­ley: “What will it take? Ano­t­her 70 billion?”

Selen­skyj: “I don’t have an ans­wer. The who­le world has to deci­de whe­ther we want to stop Putin, or whe­ther we want to start the begin­ning of a world war. We cant chan­ge Putin. Rus­si­an socie­ty has lost the respect of the world! They elec­ted him, then reelec­ted him and rai­sed a second Hitler. -

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THEY did this.

We can not go back in time! But we can stop it here.”

[Glos­sy pro­pa­gan­da Bil­der aus der Ukrai­ne wer­den gezeigt, ich lass die mal weg.]

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: Ukrai­ne stop­ped the rus­si­an advan­ce, but at a ter­ri­ble cost. Rui­ned cities. Mil­li­ons of refu­gees. Untold thousands of dead. All for Vla­di­mir Putins nati­on buil­ding vani­ty. Today the war is fought on a 700 mile front. The red area is the 20% of Ukrai­ne, still occu­p­ied by rus­sia. This is whe­re wes­tern dona­ted tanks were sup­po­sed to punch through, cut­ting the rus­si­ans in half.

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But tren­ches and mine­fiel­ds and artil­le­ry stop­ped the armo­red advan­ce. Now its a artil­le­ry duel, with each side firing about 40.000 shells a day. Ukrai­ni­an infan­try is advan­cing, bloo­dy, yards at a time. It’s world war one. With drones.

Scott Pel­ley: “How would you descri­be the figh­t­ing at the front?”

Selen­skyj: “It a dif­fi­cult ques­ti­on, I’ll be com­ple­te­ly honest with you. We have the initia­ti­ve, this is a plus. We stop­ped the rus­si­an offen­si­ve, and we moved into a coun­ter offen­si­ve, but des­pi­te that, its not very fast. It is important that we are moving for­ward every day and are libe­ra­ting territory.”

Scott Pel­ley: “You have about six weeks of good wea­ther left, and I won­der, after that will the front be fro­zen in place?”

Selen­skyj: “We need to libe­ra­te our ter­ri­to­ry as much as pos­si­ble, and move for­ward. Even if it is less than a mile or 100 yards. We must do it. We cant loo­se time. In pla­ces whe­re we cant get through in an armo­red vehi­cle, lets fly. If we cant fly, lets send dro­nes. We mus­tn’t give Putin a break.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “If the front is sta­tio­na­ry, ukrai­ni­an dro­nes have vaul­tet into rus­sia its­elf, hit­ting the Krem­lin, war pla­nes and Mos­kow highri­sers. Offi­cial­ly Ukrai­ne does not ack­now­ledge the­se attacks.”

Scott Pel­ley: “The dro­ne strikes in rus­sia are being done on your orders?”

Selen­skyj: “Njiet.”

Scott Pel­ley: “Not on your orders?”

Selen­skyj: “Well, you know - ”

Scott Pel­ley: “How is this happening?”

Selen­skyj: “You know we are not shoo­ting at the ter­ri­to­ry of the rus­si­an federation.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “We deci­ded to try the ques­ti­on ano­t­her way.”

Scott Pel­ley: “What mes­sa­ge is being sent with the­se dro­ne strikes in russia?”

Selen­sky: “You do know, that we use our part­ners wea­pons on the ter­ri­to­ry of Ukrai­ne only, and this is true. But the­se are not puni­ti­ve ope­ra­ti­ons, such as they car­ry out, kil­ling civi­li­ans! But rus­sia needs to know, that whe­re­ver it is, which ever place they use to strike ukrai­ne, ukrai­ne has every moral right to send a respon­se to tho­se pla­ces. We are respon­ding to them, say­ing - your sky is not as well pro­tec­ted as you think.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “Last win­ter it was ukrai­ni­an skys that were fil­led with mis­si­les. In a rus­si­an bom­bard­ment to des­troy power­plants. Mil­li­ons shi­ve­r­ed in the dark. With win­ter approa­ching again, Selen­skyj had this warning.”

Selen­sky: “They must know, if you cut off our power, depri­ve us of electri­ci­ty, depri­ve us of water, depri­ve us of gaso­li­ne, you need to know, we have the right to do it to you.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “Rus­sia takes Selen­skyj serious­ly now, becau­se Putins mass inva­si­on was a fias­ko. The red marks whe­re ukrai­ne stop­ped rus­si­as advan­ce last year.”

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 09 57 41
[Die Kar­te ist wie­der aus Kar­ten meh­re­rer Tage “zusam­men­ge­malt” wie auch schon bei Kar­ten des ISW üblich, die die BBC in der Ver­gan­gen­heit ver­öf­fent­licht hat. Dh. es gab kei­nen ein­zel­nen Tag zu dem Russ­land die­se Aus­deh­nung erreicht hat. Nur meh­re­re. Vgl.: click ( - timel­aps von ISW Mate­ri­al, max. Aus­deh­nung am 28.03.2022.]

It also marks the stain of rus­si­as war crimes.”

Scott Pel­ley: “Mr. Pre­si­dent, in tra­ve­ling over Ukrai­ne in the past year and a half, we spo­ke to peop­le in bom­bed out schools in Cher­ni­hiv. We’­ve seen des­troy­ed apart­ment blocks in Borod­jan­ka and a bom­bed hos­pi­tal in Isjum. Civi­li­ans in a mass gra­ve in Butscha. The­se are not mili­ta­ry tar­gets. What is Vla­di­mir Putin try­ing to do?”

Selen­sky: “And by choo­sing civi­li­an tar­gets, Putin wan­ted to achie­ve exact­ly this. To break us. This per­son who has made his way with such bloo­dy actions, with ever­ything he has said - can not be trusted.

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The­re is no trust in such a per­son. Becau­se he has not been a human being for a long time.”

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 04 18
Scott Pel­ley thin­king about Putin not having been a human being for a long time.

Scott Pel­ley: “The rus­si­ans have suf­fe­red grie­vous los­ses. Without resor­ting to nuclear wea­pons, and I won­der if you belie­ve that the thre­at of nuclear war is now behind us.”

Selen­sky: “I think he is going to con­ti­nue threa­tening. He is wai­t­ing for the United Sta­tes to beco­me less sta­ble, he thinks, thats going to hap­pen during the US elec­tions. He’ll be loo­king for insta­bi­li­ty in Euro­pe and the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca. He will use the risk of using nuclear wea­pons to fuel that insta­bi­li­ty. He will be going on threatening.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “That US elec­tion he men­tio­ned, worries him, his nego­tia­ti­ons with pre­si­dent Biden have been con­ten­tious at times, but Selen­skyj tends to get what he asks for - even if in Selen­sky­js opi­ni­on - it is gene­ral­ly six moths too late. This week Selen­skyj will press Mr. Biden for mis­si­les with lon­ger ran­ge. Con­gress is deba­ting ano­t­her 24 bil­li­on package.”

Selen­sky: “And if ukrai­ne had enough of the­se modern sys­tems, we would have alrea­dy res­to­red the ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty of ukrai­ne. We would have alrea­dy done that. The­se sys­tems exist..!”

Scott Pel­ley [Ein­spie­ler]: “Are you safe here?”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “We first met Selen­skyj not long after the inva­si­on, when his office was a bla­cked out bunker.

Selen­sky [Ein­spie­ler]: “Be careful!”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “Now a year and a half later, we noti­ced a dif­fe­rence. As we were set­ting up the inter­view, the for­mer actor used his talent to mask the strain. He smi­led at a com­pli­ment, to his wife.”

Selen­sky: “Yeah… So great.”

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 15 20
Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 16 50

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “And then instant­ly he see­med pul­led bene­ath a depth -

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 18 27

no one can know. We dont know what he was thin­king. It loo­ked like

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 19 42


Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 20 54

For the lost.

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 21 54

And for tho­se - who might be saved.

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “Our time with Selen­skyj began in silence.”

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 23 05

A remem­be­rence of the fal­len, during a cere­mo­ny to award medals of valor. Ukrai­ni­an offi­cials tell us, Ukrai­ne and rus­sia have lost their pro­fes­sio­nal armies. Now their for­ces are made up of volon­te­ers, draf­tees and in rus­si­as case - pri­son inma­tes. Selen­skyj counts his dead in casu­al­ty reports each morning.”

Scott Pel­ley [Ein­spie­ler]: “You are the pre­si­dent. It must be humb­ling to meet the­se men, I won­der what they mean to you?”

[Darn Micro Expres­si­ons. Nie kann man sie mas­kie­ren, wenn man sie nicht zei­gen will.]

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 27 40

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 29 26

Selen­skyj: “What they, ehm - to me…

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 31 29

First of all it is a gre­at honor for me. I look into their eyes and -

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 33 03

it makes me proud, that we have such strong people.

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 35 10

edit: Kon­text

Becau­se - this is a big risk, a big risk. You can defi­ni­te­ly loo­se your life for the sake of saving other lives. And when I say other lives I dont speak in gene­ral, I mean my own life. The lives of my child­ren, and I under­stand com­ple­te­ly what risks are involved.”

Scott Pel­ley [Voice over]: “That empa­thy for life has Volo­di­mir Selen­skyj reaching out - again. To the United Nati­ons and the United Sta­tes, hoping to con­vin­ce the allies, that the world can be safe, only, when Ukrai­ne is whole.


[Back in the inter­view setup]

Scott Pel­ley: “Can you give up - any part of Ukrai­ne, for peace?”

Selen­sky: “No, this is our territory.”

Scott Pel­ley: “You must have it all? Inclu­ding crimea?”

Selen­sky: “Today - you and I, you said it to me, YOU SAW ME AWARDING PEOPLE MEDALS! Today is a day like that. A week ago I gave awards to par­ents of sol­di­ers who have been kil­led. The­re were 24 fami­lies of the dead. The­re was a woman, she was with three children.

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 42 12

the­re were par­ents, very old. They could bare­ly walk -

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 43 21

and they had only one son. 

One of the women was pregnant!

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 44 27

She arri­ved hol­ding a baby in her arms, and she was pregnant!

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 45 31

And that baby will never see… what should I tell them? That all of them died so we could say - its OK rus­sia, you can take it all?!

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 48 14

Its a dif­fi­cult job! You under­stand me, right?! Giving awards to peop­le who­se faces show their who­le world has collapsed?!

And all I can give them, all I can -

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 49 20

give them - is…

Bildschirmfoto 2023 09 18 um 10 50 21


[Well, bes­i­des the awards of course.]

PROPAGANDA (and a low key death obses­si­on) HAT ABER IMMER NOCH NIEMAND ENTDECKT.

Ich wür­de sagen, nach die­ser Gol­den Glo­bes Award wür­di­gen Insze­nie­rung eines bit­ter­kal­ten Win­ters vor dem Sturm, ich mei­ne Früh­lings - kann die US nicht anders als der Ukrai­ne Rake­ten zuzu­sa­gen, und nach den 24 Mil­li­ar­den auch kei­ne Pau­se im Fun­ding im Wahl­kampf­jahr einzulegen.

Wie sag­te Nuland auf der YES Con­fe­rence vor etwas mehr als einer Woche so schön? Wir sind hier öffent­lich, ich muss dem Publi­kum hier fol­gen­des sagen - die Ukrai­ne soll nicht auf zu viel Unter­stüt­zung hoffen.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das abso­lut gro­tesk, abar­tigst Allerletzte.

Auf den mehr­jäh­ri­gen Krieg.

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