More military deterrence would have prevented this

16. März 2022

- need a pro­po­nent of that lovely theo­rem no one can veri­fy, but that usual­ly repres­ents the most haw­kish posi­ti­on possible?

Look no fur­ther than the for­mer ambas­sodor to the Ukrai­ne, ous­ted by Trump, Marie Yovanovitch.

She has a new book out.

Also a pro­po­nent of the “Putin is not going to stop with Ukrai­ne, and this is a serious thre­at for Nato coun­tries” the­sis of course --

Oh, and dont for­get the CNN mode­ra­tor that leads in with the fol­lowing ques­ti­on, refe­ren­cing a spe­ci­fic para­graph in Yova­no­vitchs book:

We have fai­led to call out Russia’s beha­vi­or in a way that Rus­sia finds per­sua­si­ve or taken steps to stop it that Moscow finds com­pel­ling. If we con­ti­nue to fum­ble around [always a gre­at sign, when you make argu­ments non spe­ci­fic], we will some­day, may­be soon, find our­sel­ves in a serious con­fron­ta­ti­on in a con­text not of our choo­sing and not to our advantage.”

- then sta­tes, that this was pre­sci­ent, then asks, how is what we are see­ing today a con­se­quence of what she wro­te - this is the ans­wer that follows:

I think its the cul­mi­na­ti­on of what we’­ve seen com­ing from the Putin regime, over the last 20 years - 2008, the inva­si­on of Geor­gia, then we had Ukrai­ne in 2014, and now Ukrai­ne again in 2022, and I think Putin will con­ti­nue to expand, ah, the rus­si­an empi­re, the for­mer soviet empi­re as he sees it, unless he is stopped.”

What fol­lows next is a news anchor that starts pran­cing around and miming a clo­sed fist vs. open hand meta­phor into came­ra, giving an exact image, of how serious the for­mer ambassa­dor was when she wrote 

- some­day, may­be [we’ll] find our­sel­ves in a serious con­fron­ta­ti­on in a con­text not of our choo­sing and not to our advantage

to then end his inqui­ry, by finis­hing his ques­ti­on - “Is this [what we cur­r­ent­ly see] that, that we are mee­ting Putin with a clo­sed fist now, ins­tead of an open hand?”

You know - the urgent ques­ti­on, for the public deba­te, that gets broad­cast on CNN the­se days… Oh, and could I inte­rest you in a book thats inde­ed very prescient?

Almost as pre­sci­ent as DWs inter­view with the for­mer US Army Euro­pe Com­man­der Lt. Gene­ral Ben Hod­ges, who under­stands that the com­ing two weeks will be decisi­ve, and is also a pro­po­nent of the the­sis, that… Ah, lis­ten for yourself:

This was Ben Hod­ges at the Munich Secu­ri­ty con­fe­rence three weeks ago, btw.:

You know - DW and him are good friends.
Oh, and Aman­pour of cour­se… (See click and click.)

Oh, and the Ukrai­ne will suc­ceed in a war of attri­ti­on of cour­se espe­cial­ly longterm:

Which the same CNN mode­ra­tor then calls “slow anni­hi­la­ti­on, as US offi­cials were tel­ling Jim Sciut­to”. (Pro­bab­ly in this video, if not, limit the you­tube search fil­ter to the last mon­th and start digging.)

Yeah, who could want that… Nobo­dy could want that, right?

Now, look at the cute litt­le dog­gy! Is it a moral obligation?

Look at the dog­gy once more. 

(The­res a second, ent­i­re­ly unre­la­ted, pup­py dog shot in the video, btw. just for good measure.)

edit: Two dogs in this report. Very popu­lar moti­ve for came­ra crews the­se days. But this time, at least not in the attract image.

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