Very moving speech by Selenskyj

16. März 2022

from 20 minu­tes ago:

Have: Perl Har­bour, 9/11, ter­ro­rists, I have a dream, a live video­feed direct­ly into US con­gress on a cine­ma sized videow­all, encryp­ted video com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on out of the Ukrai­ne pro­vi­ded by the US mili­ta­ry, pre­pro­du­ced video packa­ge (clo­se the sky over Ukrai­ne, scored to vio­lin music);

Need: No fly zone, if not pos­si­ble, S-300 anti air sys­tems, com­pa­nies lea­ving rus­sia, new tools to be crea­ted to be able to respond quick­ly. Jus­ti­ce to history.

Sear­ching for: “Sen­se in life, if I can not save lives”.

Will get - ano­t­her 800 mil­li­on USD released as secu­ri­ty assi­s­tance.

edit: Also this:

Slo­va­kia has preli­mi­na­ri­ly agreed to pro­vi­de Ukrai­ne with a key Soviet-era air defen­se sys­tem to help defend against Rus­si­an airstrikes, accord­ing to three sources fami­li­ar with the mat­ter, but the US and NATO are still grap­p­ling with how to back­fill that country’s own defen­si­ve capa­bi­li­ties and the trans­fer is not yet assured. 

Accord­ing to two of the sources, Slo­va­kia, one of three NATO allies that have the defen­se sys­tems in ques­ti­on, wants assuran­ces that the sys­tems will be repla­ced immediately. 

If a coun­try pro­vi­ded its S-300s, the sup­ply­ing coun­try is likely to recei­ve the US-made Patri­ot air defen­se mis­si­le sys­tem to back­fill the capa­bi­li­ty it would be giving up, accord­ing to two other sources fami­li­ar with the negotiations. 

Ger­ma­ny and the Nether­lands have alrea­dy publicly announ­ced that they are sen­ding Patri­ots to Slo­va­kia. But inte­gra­ting a new, com­plex air defen­se sys­tem into a country’s exis­ting mili­ta­ry archi­tec­tu­re, as well as trai­ning its for­ces to use it, can take time, one source fami­li­ar with the mat­ter cautioned.

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and this:

US to pro­vi­de Switch­b­la­de dro­nes to Ukrai­ne, sources say

Pre­si­dent Joe Biden announ­ced on Wed­nes­day addi­tio­nal US assi­s­tance to Ukrai­ne inclu­ding dro­nes, and two sources fami­li­ar with the mat­ter tell CNN that, spe­ci­fi­cal­ly, the US will be pro­vi­ding Switch­b­la­de dro­nes, which are small, por­ta­ble so-called kami­ka­ze or sui­ci­de dro­nes that car­ry a war­head and deto­na­te on impact.

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