Oh, the four stone statues theory now got two types of Vladimir on top

22. Juli 2022

So you know, when you make sure you dont belie­ve in pro­pa­gan­da, you make sure to lis­ten to the trus­ted experts like “four stone sta­tu­es of rus­si­an czars in his office, I’ve seen them! - what Putin real­ly thinks is a com­bi­na­ti­on of what tho­se czars did!” Fio­na Hill. Who will ans­wer very dis­tinct­ly all ques­ti­ons on “what does Putin real­ly think” with her theo­ries deri­ved from having sat next to the man once. No, she real­ly does. Thats what she does. Almost exclu­si­ve­ly by now.

Gre­at addi­ti­on though, becau­se his name “Vla­di­mir, Vala­di­mi­ro­witch” now has a spe­cial mea­ning to what he thinks as well, becau­se its two times Vladimir!

Isnt that some­thing! Also she has a histo­ry degree! Dont you see! And she mounts an argu­ment, why histo­ry must be con­ti­nued to be taught in school! (Had someo­ne asked to take it away?). Becau­se two times Vlad equals he is taking us back to the tenth cen­tu­ry, becau­se Vla­di­mir grand prince of Kiew was the ahm… 


Quick, give me Johan­nes Rau­scher, to shout at our government and the oppo­si­ti­on (SPÖ) to lis­ten exclu­si­ve­ly to experts like Fio­na Hill, and “its Neo­co­lo­nia­lism” Timo­thy Sny­der again… BECAUSE THEY ARE THE OFFICIALLY SANCTIONED EXPERTS FOR THE COMMON MAJOR NARRATIVE THESE DAYS.

See, Fio­na Hill men­ti­ons Sny­der as well - he must be the best pos­si­ble source here!

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Allerletzte.

Here is a hot take. As a child of a mental­ly ill per­son, could you plea­se take peop­le having men­tal break­downs, while rea­ding other peo­p­les minds and moti­ves out of their doub­ling first names, off of the sta­ge, and not pre­sent them as experts of what socie­ty at lar­ge should belie­ve in?

Plea­se. Plea­se. I beg of you. Please.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Allerletzte.

(Audio on the video gets bet­ter after about 10 minutes.)

edit: This is UTTERLY sick:

Fio­na Hill again, this time more coherent:

The point she is making is utter­ly sicke­n­ing though. Cur­r­ent­ly we are in the pro­cess of making “rifts, breaks in the stra­te­gy of the oppo­nent pos­si­ble”, so we are crea­ting a mess, and have to be on the look out which of the parts that result from it, we can react on to move the ent­i­re pro­cess into a more pre­fera­ble direction.

So die for the poten­ti­al to beco­me an inflec­tion point. Suf­fer for the poten­ti­al to beco­me an inflec­tion point. Ruin hopes and dreams in socie­ty, for the poten­ti­al of beco­m­ing and inflec­tion point. And keep your high spi­rits up, so you can still dis­se­mi­na­te the sto­ry of you per­so­nal­ly having hel­ped a ukrai­ni­an fami­ly. It is the ope­ra­tio­na­liz­a­ti­on of “we want more war of attri­ti­on” which is the US mili­ta­ries pre­fe­red out­co­me in itself.

The non mili­ta­ry ang­le on that is in that speech. She spells it out. She actual­ly makes the argu­ment for it.

Why its so sicke­n­ing. Becau­se you can be FUCKING assu­red, that no Euro­pean government wan­ted this as the ope­ra­tio­na­li­zed out­co­me for the next few years.

And when you touch upon her time hori­zons, the­re see­min­gly are no limit. Just pro­long. The ope­ning will reve­al itself.

On the regime chan­ge ang­le, which she also pro­mo­tes open­ly - it s the “its easiest to wait for inter­nal pres­su­res in the rus­si­an power eli­te to take effect” nar­ra­ti­ve - which effect, we dont know, she is hoping along­side Fuku­ya­ma, for a bet­ter world. And now die a litt­le more.

So to her credit, if I were the per­son, that the US government had deci­ded on to ratio­na­li­ze that stra­te­gy - I’d go “two first names are Vla­di­mir!” cra­zy as well. Oh, an he built a sta­tue of Vla­di­mir! So did Maxi­mi­li­an in Vien­na. Pro­bab­ly. Are we now at the mind rea­ding from Sta­tures that have been built point of advan­ced civi­liz­a­ti­on, or…

Fuck this.

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