Ayn Rand Institute pitches in

22. Juli 2022

Why Mear­s­hei­mer gets it so wrong, from the peop­le who­se insti­tu­te is based on the one per­son that got human moti­ves and beha­vi­ors so wrong, her life was a living con­tra­dic­tion con­tras­ting her own believes. 🙂 

Just my kind of humor… 🙂

So appar­ent­ly psy­cho­paths (thats most­ly the peop­le that gra­vi­ta­te towards Rands tea­chings (I mean, she liter­al­ly foun­ded a cult, recrui­ted her hus­band in it, … but thats not­hing com­pa­red to the stuff she ratio­na­li­zed away, towards the end of her life.. 😉 ) in my expe­ri­ence) now are also anti Mear­s­hei­mer. Good to know.

Also argu­ments, well.. yeah, Argu­ments. First argu­ment that is made up is that “distil­led, rea­lists think like mafia bos­ses!” (Oh, no! Emo­tio­nal­ly char­ge their posi­ti­on, by fal­se com­pa­ri­son to ridi­cu­le it based on the com­pa­ri­son, not on the actu­al posi­ti­on. Arthur Scho­pen­hau­er would have been proud!) they want con­stant figh­t­ing. Ehm.. ok, they also want neu­tral buf­fer­sta­tes. Now what…?

They just dont buy the ent­i­re “ever­yo­ne can deci­de for them­sel­ves who they want to part­ner with, and get secu­ri­ty gua­ran­tees by” becau­se its obvious­ly BS. But dont get caught on that part of the argu­ment. Com­pa­re them to mafia Dons first, then, on step two, … 🙂

When you are inven­ting your argu­ments on the spot, chan­ces are that one per­son next to you doing all the nod­ding affir­ma­ti­on stuff might not be enough…

Also the pro­blem still per­sis­ting is “who is inven­ting the epis­te­me” (so the pseu­do­sci­en­ti­fic “main­stream inter­pre­ta­ti­on”, of stuff they have no idea on if they are cor­rect on, which they then spread with pomp and bra­va­do and sci­en­ti­fic spe­cious­ness), and the ans­wer to that is, the Hoo­ver Insti­tu­ti­on, eight days after the war star­ted. (Why Mear­s­hei­mer is wrong, seven peop­le against no one (no coun­ter posi­ti­on). And the Hoo­ver Insti­tu­ti­on twel­ve days after the war star­ted. (clink, click and click)

And thats what we now all know as the media and main­stream view of whats going on.

EVERY other expert, in every other coun­try, just copied tho­se argu­ments, and ran with it. Not one inkling or aspect was added to the main­stream view on the war after that. Its all in there.

If you saw that being in pro­cess eight to twel­ve days after the war star­ted, its fuck­ing hard to live with it, becau­se you see how the tal­king class is fit­ting into its role of crea­ting pro war pro­pa­gan­da in the broa­der mainstream.

Thats why you keep them in socie­ty. How things are “gene­ra­ly view­ed, without knowing exact­ly why” (Epis­te­mes) matters.

They arent paying for the war, they are just con­vin­cing you to do. They are just babbling.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Letzte.

Oh, Ayn Rand as well - so fuck all of you.

edit: Oh, zwei­tes Argu­ment der babb­ling Rand Wichser:
“The­re is some­thing deeply wrong with dis­re­gar­ding the cha­rac­ter of regimes”. If you cant fal­si­fy an argu­ment, try to enlar­ge its scope to some­thing out­side the argu­ment, pre­fer­a­b­ly with some emo­tio­nal bull­shit like “cha­rac­ter of the regime is important” (so the US can be the ben­evo­lent Hege­mon kil­ling for values, which is much bet­ter of cour­se), then try to kill off the argu­ment on grounds of the initi­al opi­ni­on not having done that. Fol­lo­wed your made up logic to enlar­gen the argu­ment, that is. Arthur Scho­pen­hau­er would have been so proud!

Ihr wer­det alle so verarscht…

Und die neh­men Geld dafür!

Ein­mal Scho­pen­hau­ers The Art of Being Right: 38 Ways to Win an Argu­ment lesen, und ihr brecht zusam­men, weil die­se Gesell­schaft ein­fach das abso­lut Letz­te ist.

Und das geils­te über­haupt? Die End­lo­gik, also das wofür wir kämp­fen - ist “Erhö­hung der Mili­tär­aus­ga­ben und Abschre­ckung durch Vor­wärts­ver­tei­di­gung, oder das zur Schau stel­len der eige­nen Macht” - also wie das Rand Insti­tu­te es for­mu­lie­ren wür­de - Mafia Logik. 🙂

Schei­ße hier ver­arscht ja wirk­lich jeder jeden!

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