PR TIpps from Böhmermann

17. Mai 2022

Keep win­ning - to stay relevant.
Keep win­ning - for our model of life.
Keep win­ning - oh sor­ry, no real tal­king points left, lets fill the rest up with actual­ly good jokes, and repeat - keep win­ning to stay rele­vant again. Right?

Thats about all the com­ple­xi­ty you need.

I hear its all the rage in the third world as well.

edit: “In order to end the war, we must keep the war rele­vant, to help them win the war.” Got it?

Oh and play with rimshots, guilt, pop cul­tu­re refe­ren­ces, dap­per dres­sed come­di­ans, scrip­ted spon­ta­n­ei­ty, under­play­ing intel­lect - but not to make a point, but to make the audi­ence feel smart, add a stin­ger against con­ser­va­ti­ve audi­en­ces to feel more “edgy” (des­pi­te you repre­sen­ting their majo­ri­ty view), add a count­down ele­ment to sug­gest, that the Ukrai­ne would be smart enough not to wait until it had no eco­no­mic pro­spects any­mo­re, becau­se this is how wars go, and rebuil­ding its nati­on is not at all lin­ked to the rus­si­an funds, that have been and cur­r­ent­ly are fro­zen by sanc­tions, add some unre­la­ted come­dic misun­derstan­ding as the punch­li­ne to that one. Oh Jan, its twit­ter, Jan!

Hmm… Pro­bab­ly not that gre­at to under­stand how this works… Come­dy is an artform.

#its­abou­tus - is PR? Art? A pro­per argu­ment? An emo­tio­nal­ly char­ged notion.

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