Rebranding Effort

23. September 2018


Augen­zwin­kern­des “fol­low up” auf den letz­ten Beitrag. 🙂

Aus dem März die­sen Jahres:

They put out a call in March for reb­ran­ding pro­po­sals, asking: “How can the Euro­pean Uni­on be valued by its citi­zens and be reco­gni­zed as a for­ce for good, rather than as a faceless bureau­cra­cy?” They reques­ted ide­as “for com­mu­ni­ca­ting the advan­ta­ges of coope­ra­ti­on and friendship amongst peop­le and nati­ons.” More than 400 pro­po­sals from 43 coun­tries pou­red in. A Ger­man fashion desi­gner had an idea for a uni­sex jacket that would ser­ve as a ticket for public trans­por­ta­ti­on in all 28 mem­ber states.

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