Selenskyj speech to the EP

01. März 2022

From today: (01. March 2022, 13:55:29 UTC) Is it a bad sign, that he says in a rhe­to­ri­cal figu­re, that they didnt know, that that was the pri­ce they had to pay for free­dom? He pre­faces that by say­ing that he is making tho­se remarks, spea­king free­ly (not rea­ding a speech).

A few hours ear­lier on CNN: click

As Ukrai­ni­an Pre­si­dent Volo­dym­yr Zelen­sky con­ti­nues to call for a no fly zone in Ukrai­ne, the White House said Mon­day after­noon that US Pre­si­dent Joe Biden remains firm in his com­mit­ment to keep US tro­ops out of the conflict.

The Pre­si­dent has been very clear that he is not inten­ding to send US tro­ops to fight a war with Rus­sia. And I think what’s important to note here is that is essen­ti­al­ly what this would be a step toward, becau­se a no fly zone would requi­re imple­men­ta­ti­on,” White House press secreta­ry Jen Psa­ki said.

No poli­ti­cal or PR advi­sor pre­sent at the moment?

edit: Ach nein, ist es nicht - ich hab da wohl falsch gedacht.

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