The media is ENRAGED

24. Mai 2022

It has not asked the right questions!

How dare the ger­man government not tell us, that the­re is a Nato agree­ment not to deli­ver cer­tain kinds of tanks to Ukrai­ne!? We f*cking play­ed the public for suckers for three mon­ths to the f*cking point, whe­re anyo­ne asking about if offen­si­ve wea­pons (as per Nato desi­gna­ti­on, thats a Nato term, that also never was exp­lai­ned to the public, but I f*cking dig­ress) was seen as a moral offen­se, and now the ger­man government DARES to put out, that the­re is such an agree­ment in a public statement!?

Not with this media at the helm! Nobo­dy knows whats what any­mo­re! The media laments. Thats the fault of the government!

I mean we just whip­ped the public up to demand ever­ything it could, fas­ter, to reach an out­co­me that it didnt under­stand, becau­se of a hero, and now you say the­re are Nato agree­ments on this?

Not while Theo Kroll is in a com­men­ting role!

And all you need to con­tex­tua­li­ze this news item is a snar­ky com­ment, real­ly… Who the f*ck cares, why this agree­ment was put in place? Not the media, while Theo Kroll is still in a com­men­ting role!

Sor­ry --- what? Hen­ry Kis­sin­ger sta­ted at Davos, that the Ukrai­ne may have to con­ce­de some ter­ri­to­ry to rus­sia in order to bring about las­ting peace?

Lets go to our expert for ever­ything and ever­yo­ne - quickly.

Quo­te: “Well, the, tho opt­sh.., it’s ahm, nnn, I hesi­ta­te to quar­rel with Hen­ry Kis­sin­ger, but nevertheless, ..” let me dou­ble down on wha­te­ver posi­ti­on I’ve put out into the public for the past three mon­ths which is, that we, as the UK arent for regime chan­ge, but only for end­less sanc­tions, that cant be rela­xed unless the­re is regime chan­ge, and that the goal here is to humi­lia­te rus­sia so severely, that it never for­gets that it can never have back Cri­mea for three genera­ti­ons at least, which then is obvious­ly true, after the Ukrai­ne has won the war, becau­se Nato enlar­ge­ment will pre­vent Rus­sia from doing so.

So the fund­rai­sing effort for a ukrai­ni­an Mar­shall Plan is com­ing along well in Davos I hear? Look, Bør­ge Bren­de was almost seen as having huma­nist ten­den­ci­es, for the first time ever. Some say - even human ten­den­ci­es, for the first time ever, …

But then the tit­le of the Davos initia­ti­ve sur­fa­ced… “CEOs for Ukrai­ne.” Not that the Spie­gel would com­ment on that the­se days - this is a clas­sic news item you copy from asa/dpa and then move on to the next one.

edit: con­text (ger­man)

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