Journalism slowly getting its bearings back

22. Mai 2022

And it fol­lows news ear­lier today, that pre­si­dent Selen­skyj will not agree to a sei­ze fire deal, that invol­ves giving up any territory.”


News “ear­lier today” right?

Not for anyo­ne actual­ly fol­lowing his spee­ches over the past three mon­ths. Like no f*cking jour­na­list out there.

So lets sum­ma­ri­ze. We have a fixed public poli­ti­cal posi­ti­on of “deli­ver the Ukrai­ne the most bes­test offen­si­ve attack wea­pons it could want”, while the coun­try has just exten­ded mar­ti­al law to the end of august, and that inclu­des a gene­ral draft poli­cy (NYTUkraine’s Draft Dod­gers Face Guilt, Shame and Reproach”). We have out­sour­ced all of Euro­pes decisi­on making to “the Ukrai­ni­ans have to deci­de when they want to stop on their own”. We’­ve f*cking play­ed the public for a sucker with CONSTANT “no, they just want the pre 24.02. posi­ti­on back”, until this very week. We’­ve made a f*cking mocke­ry out of peop­le say­ing anything against hea­vy wea­pon ship­ments, becau­se we didnt edu­ca­te anyo­ne, that this was an Atlan­tic coun­cil demand at first, which the Ukrai­ne then copied, pre Butscha - or what sup­ply­ing offen­si­ve wea­pons means for the deve­lo­p­ment of the f*cking war. We’­ve hard­ly got­ten out the­re, that the US admi­nis­tra­ti­on is HEAVILY invol­ved in the dai­ly ope­ra­ti­ons of run­ning this war, and went on a public stall out against the ukra­ni­an government, when they flir­ted with “inde­pen­dence of parts of their coun­try” as a way to resol­ve the con­flict - for even a week.

We have cana­ries in both the CFR and on the media front, that con­firm, that the US might have done far too litt­le not to esca­la­te in the begin­ning (not let­ting the Ukrai­ne beco­me a part of Nato was never accep­ta­ble as a part of nego­tia­ti­ons on their part), we have a public that is not edu­ca­ted, that you cant ask for Nato mem­bers­hip (they have no open door policy

Euro­pean coun­tries that wish to join NATO are initi­al­ly invi­ted to begin an Inten­si­fied Dia­lo­gue with the Alli­an­ce about their aspi­ra­ti­ons and rela­ted reforms. Aspi­rants may then be invi­ted to join the Mem­bers­hip Action Plan, a pro­gram­me which hel­ps nati­ons pre­pa­re for pos­si­ble future mem­bers­hip. Par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on does not gua­ran­tee mem­bers­hip, but is a key pre­pa­ra­ti­on mechanism.

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The NATO, as a defen­se uni­on is invi­ta­ti­on based.), but that talks about it are “exten­ded to you as an invi­te”, we have it on record, that tho­se dis­cus­sions in decem­ber con­cer­ning Nato exten­si­on never inclu­ded euro­pean inte­rests, and were uni­la­te­ra­ly ended by the US - that mon­th, while diplo­ma­tic venues were open until the end of febru­a­ry, but a chan­ge in posi­ti­ons was out of the ques­ti­on. On the media front, we have peop­le like Nina Chruscht­schowa on Demo­cra­cy Now con­fir­ming that US gene­rals she talks to are now tel­ling her that the sce­n­a­rio they are aiming for now, is to pro­du­ce a second Afgha­ni­stan for the Rus­si­an lea­ders­hip, while the same gene­rals dont say jack sh*t about that to media.

Media in gene­ral f*cked the public by tel­ling it bull­shit about Selen­sky­js posi­ti­on in gene­ral and over time - up to and until this very week, and not just media, we have EU advi­sers to Josep Bor­rell put­ting out fake “what the Ukrai­ne wants to con­tem­pla­te an end of this war is the the bor­ders of 23. 02. back” messaging this f*cking week. (Fake, becau­se that was never the posi­ti­on of the Ukrai­ne. Isn’t now, never was in the past.) Becau­se they f*cking get “infor­med” through the same trans­at­lan­tic friendship initia­ti­ve chan­nels, that domi­na­te their public position.

No one fuck­ing cor­rects this. No one fuck­ing fact­checks any part of it.

Now the media pivots towards “this (retai­ning the bor­ders of Febur­a­ry 23rd would make it pos­si­ble to enga­ge in sei­ze fire talks is not the defi­ning posi­ti­on) is news from yes­ter­day”, which just sim­ply isnt true, it was infer­red by the usu­al guests in the usu­al media chan­nels, but it was never decla­red that way, at one time it was sim­ply sta­ted to be one of the pre­re­qui­si­tes (edit: 25. 05.: die Wie­ner Zei­tung schafft es ENDLICH nach drei Mona­ten in denen es über­gan­gen wur­de, die kom­plet­te Posi­ti­on Selen­sky­js zu bestä­ti­gen. Wer den Teil war­um Selen­skyj sich unbe­dingt mit Putin tref­fen muss braucht, fin­det ihn, vor zwei Mona­ten, bei Zaka­ria.) -- but only in a con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on, whe­re Selen­skyj would then be able to talk to Putin and dic­ta­te to him a peace, whe­re Putin would have all rus­si­an mili­ta­ry lea­ve the Ukrai­ne and give up Cri­mea, to be mol­d­ed into a self gover­ned zone, as part of the Ukrai­ne, for some time - while Selen­skyj actively thinks about how to reinte­gra­te the brain­wa­s­hed peop­le (his words on CNN, not mine)) and just a way to get the public back on track to anything resemb­ling some­thing clo­se to rea­li­ty -- after all the poli­ti­cal posi­ti­ons are now fixed on the natio­nal and EU level…

And to sum­ma­ri­ze this in one para­graph, you only need to know, that the ent­i­re ger­man spea­king media sys­tem f*cking eat up the cool aid from trans­at­lan­tic think­tank initia­ti­ves, for three mon­ths in a row, the ECFR pit­ched posi­ti­ons for a f*cking mon­th that never were in the euro­pean inte­rest long­term as “the future con­cepts for the euro­pean uni­on”, and pro­vi­ded the f*cking “the public needs to be brought in line to be in favor of a pro­lon­ged war” agen­da set­ting in f*cking head­line arti­cles their CEO wro­te, which the f*cking news­me­dia copied ver­ba­tim, without as much as lea­ving a f*cking word of com­ment on what they were publi­shing at a time. Which as part of their job ethics they arent allo­wed to. This is going agains jour­na­listic best prac­ti­ces. You dont sim­ply let someo­ne else pro­mo­te agen­da set­ting items for an ent­i­re socie­ty at lar­ge, while giving them a plat­form, and not com­men­ting in the least. And they did.

Or even shor­ter, if the US isnt run­ning this war, and the ent­i­re­ty of EU decisi­on makers, and much more the ent­i­re ger­man and aus­tri­an media sys­tem didnt curl them­sel­ves up and into a cor­ner and star­ted to put out their emo­tio­nal sto­ry­tel­ling and pro­pa­gan­da for three mon­ths strai­ght, fai­ling to even lis­ten to Selen­skyj spee­ches in full -- it would be a f*cking monu­men­tal coin­ci­dence lea­ding to the same out­co­me, that took place over the past three months.

Using US friendship initia­ti­ves as cen­tral incu­ba­tors for now domi­nant nar­ra­ti­ves and posi­ti­ons on the topic, that were inven­ted by other US think­tanks mon­ths prior.

Until the f*cking goal of “ever­yo­ne who wan­ted to argue for a com­pro­mi­se - is publicly ridi­cu­led and paci­fists get han­ged for being “old­fa­shio­ned” and cra­zy” and all the decisi­on aspects got dele­ga­ted to a ukrai­ni­an government (that got the “cut all the insa­ne parts out of the spee­ches they are hol­ding” tre­at­ment from the ent­i­re media sys­tem sin­ce the war star­ted), was fulfilled --

and then, after the f*cking G7 mee­ting, and after you had every ger­man offi­cial sta­te in public, that the Ukrai­ne its­elf has to choo­se every aspect, of when and how it wants to enter into peace talks, with a public still not noti­cing that the US is pum­ping in 12x the funds into a mili­ta­ry solu­ti­on of this war, than the EU, ger­ma­ny and fran­ce com­bi­ned, the curtain drops.

Now Ukrai­ne is “more outs­po­ken, becau­se they now think, they have ever­ything they need to win!”.

Now you’­ve got­ten what you wan­ted all along. And ever­yo­ne even taking the word “sei­ze fire” in their mouth is a F*CKING PARIA, thanks to ger­man and aus­tri­an media.

Becau­se, thats not what the Ukrai­ne wants.

And win­ning, real­ly is the only way out of it.

Thank you for ful­fil­ling your demo­cra­tic duty, media sys­tem, tru­ly the insti­tu­tio­nal fourth pil­lar of democracy.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Letz­te. Das nächs­te Mal, wenn ihr die Gesell­schaft für drei Mona­te ver­ar­schen wollt, setzt euch wenigs­tens ne lus­ti­ge Kap­pe auf, dann hab auch ich dabei mei­nen Spass…

edit: Oh sor­ry, I f*cking for­got, the f*cking jour­na­listic ques­ti­ons after f*cking bila­te­ral press con­fe­ren­ces bet­ween ger­ma­ny and the ukrai­ne (held by Habeck, becau­se - well, he isnt for­eign minis­ter, so of cour­se you use him to pump the f*cking messaging on bila­te­ral talks with Kule­ba into the ger­man public), that sim­ply got drop­ped and not ans­we­red, when they dar­ed to ask anything about this mat­ter - two weeks ago… I guess some jour­na­listic out­lets did try. Its just that the public at lar­ge didnt noti­ce, that that might be important work, so who the fuck cares, right?


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