There was a big sigh of relief

04. März 2022

I love the thought pau­ses in that video.

The­re was a .… big sigh of relie­ve, that final­ly the ger­mans under­stand, that (empha­sis on emo­tio­nal con­no­ta­ti­on) FREEDOM, doesnt come without … cos­ts. [Then the break from con­struc­ting the state­ment to pre­pre­pa­red text] you have to invest, not only on a moral level, but also in terms of money, you have to con­tri­bu­te, you have to step up to your own secu­ri­ty inte­rests. And let me add that .. [slight pau­se to switch pre­pre­pa­red nar­ra­ti­ves], I think [empha­sis on I think] that way too long ger­ma­ny has done things wron­gly [sic!], first we have WEWEWEWEWE [stut­ter in fai­ling to recall the actu­al first point in that state­ment he had to have memo­ri­zed] were hiding behind our own histo­ry, that - well ger­ma­ny, wea­pons, out of ter­ri­to­ry mis­si­ons, very dan­ge­rous, that is not the right thing to do - that was wrong, and the second thing, which I think we com­ple­te­ly misun­ders­tood, for many years - is that the ger­mans would not under­stand [big smi­le], that if we incre­a­sed tre­men­dous­ly our defen­se spen­dings, it the *shake head* evil wea­pons, as they are per­cei­ved many times, may­be - by peop­le, but I think that was wrong, but I thing would we have step­ped up much ear­lier, tur­ned to our own citi­zens and exp­lai­ned - the sta­bi­li­ty, the peace and the pro­spe­ri­ty, that we all enjoy, 82 mil­li­on ger­mans in this coun­try, does not come out of the blue sky, it has to do with secu­ri­ty, and we can not always rely on others that they spend their tax payers money, that they invest in our secu­ri­ty, that we have to take up our own respon­si­bi­li­ty, I think if we had tur­ned to our citi­zens ear­lier, they would have unders­tood that. [CUT BY DW]

Oh pro­pa­gan­da is so important in times like these..

Also - the­re is this faint smi­le befo­re ans­we­ring the ques­ti­on, that also was pre­sent in the GMF call whe­re we updated our part­ners on the fact, that the ger­man poli­cy revi­sal in three major poli­cy sec­tors only took one and a half days, and the speech in the par­lia­ment reve­aling tho­se was only known to 12 peop­le befo­re it took place. Oh, and more peop­le in the par­lia­ment were allo­wed to applaud - just from a poli­cy perspective.

So lets go through the logi­cal fall­a­ci­es in that statement.

- GMF posi­ti­ons that ger­ma­ny has to pull its weight not only through mone­ta­ry con­tri­bu­ti­ons, but also through buil­ding up infra­st­ruc­tu­re were long stan­ding, as the US shifted its focus to the paci­fic region.

- It is high­ly ques­tion­ab­le that he is tal­king about “free­dom” (emo­tio­nal empha­sis of free­dom) in the con­text of out of ter­ri­to­ry mis­si­ons that ger­ma­ny was not pre­pa­red to take on. Ener­gy secu­ri­ty - maybe.

- The ent­i­re lan­guage of “I think ger­man peop­le would have unders­tood it ear­lier if we had exp­lai­ned it to them nice­ly”, is just play­ing pee­k­aboo with hard con­cepts of pro­pa­gan­da, whe­re you get a nati­on to reinvest in remi­li­ta­riz­a­ti­on by pain­ting them the pre­sence of a con­stant or inherent thre­at. It is also play­ing with the con­cept of “this war could have been aver­ted by employ­ing more mili­ta­ry deter­rence”, which is high­ly impro­bable, if anything other than the psy­cho­lo­gi­cal effect is expec­ted. (Let ano­t­her per­son exp­lain the point to you, why Nato invol­ve­ment was always out of the ques­ti­on.) The­re we also get into demo­gra­phics and all kinds of other fun stuff, but lets not.

- The point, that the 100 bil­li­on invest­ment packa­ge, for mili­ta­ry defen­se spen­ding is a one time invest­ment, and apart from that ger­ma­ny has com­mit­ted an incre­a­se of defen­se spen­ding to 2% of GDP sus­tai­ned (from 1.5%) is lar­ge­ly bols­te­ring up NATO, which the US is shif­ting mone­ta­ry com­mit­ments away from the­se days - so the out­co­me in the best case sce­n­a­rio should be that it remains right about at sta­tus quo. (At about two years worth of defen­se spen­ding cur­r­ent­ly the 100 bil­li­on direct respond fond, long­term isnt exact­ly a cour­se correction.)

- The ent­i­re con­cept, that you ask your “trans­at­lan­tic coor­di­na­tor” on came­ra, how the chan­ges that part­ly have yet to be imple­men­ted in the ger­man Grund­ge­setz have been per­cei­ved by our trans­at­lan­tic friends, in war times -- and that is the speech that follows, …

PR is so important in times like these..

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