To victory and beyond.

18. Mai 2022

Mos­kau und Kiew set­zen Ver­hand­lun­gen im Ukraine-Krieg aus

Die Ukrai­ne und Russ­land haben die Ver­hand­lun­gen zur Been­di­gung des Krie­ges vor­erst aus­ge­setzt. Die Ukrai­ne wen­det sich dabei vor allem gegen einen Dik­tat­frie­den von­sei­ten Russ­lands. “Der Ver­hand­lungs­pro­zess hängt davon ab, wie die Ereig­nis­se in der Ukrai­ne ver­lau­fen”, sag­te Kiews Unter­händ­ler Mycha­j­lo Podol­jak am Diens­tag im Fern­se­hen. Zuvor hat­te bereits Russ­land das vor­läu­fi­ge Ende von Gesprä­chen bestätigt.

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Kon­text aus dem Chat­ham House Inter­view, vor einer Woche, bei 58:40 in (mehr Kon­text ab min 56):

CH: “We have both the United Sta­tes admi­nis­tra­ti­on, the Biden admi­nis­tra­ti­on and the bri­tish government in par­ti­cu­lar tal­king about vic­to­ry. Vic­to­ry must invol­ve the defeat of Vla­di­mir Putin, even that it must invol­ve all rus­si­an for­ces lea­ving all of ter­ri­to­ri­al Ukrai­ne, so my ques­ti­on to you Mr. Pre­si­dent - is it hel­pful, to have some of your key back­ers, diplo­ma­ti­cal­ly and mili­ta­ri­ly - set­ting that war aim, publicly, at this time? Is that hel­pful to you as pre­si­dent of the Ukrai­ne, or not?”

Selen­skyj: “Well, its a very com­pli­ca­ted ques­ti­on. I’m not afraid of such blunt state­ments, I think the more direct, the bet­ter, the easier for Ukrai­ne and the euro­pean socie­ty and the rus­sia socie­ty for that mat­ter - for them to under­stand that if we dont stop this -- lets come back to the alle­go­ri­cal situa­ti­on - then all the brid­ges will be burnt [refer­ring to the right now the­re are still open venues for talks]. So we have to be open dis­cus­sing that. If the­re is… Bila­te­ral­ly [mea­ning wit­hin the wes­tern back­er infra­st­ruc­tu­re] we can dis­cuss this without alle­go­ries, we diplo­ma­ti­cal­ly can only dis­cuss the spe­ci­fic steps. So what vic­to­ry is for us the noti­on, for the euro­pean uni­on, that is for the UK, for the US [try­ing to broa­den the ques­ti­on to be able to give a more gene­ral ans­wer] - for some peop­le it may be Putins defeat - and in our socie­ty, the­re is a big por­ti­on of peop­le, thin­king exact­ly that. But for me the vic­to­ry, … I dont care what hap­pens to some lea­ders, whe­re they will end up, for me what mat­ters is Ukrai­nes vic­to­ry. And by Ukrai­nes vic­to­ry we mean “some­thing that belongs to us” - this is our ter­ri­to­ry and our peop­le -- for me vic­to­ry is not to loo­se 11 mil­li­on peop­le. Five mili­on peop­le who have left Ukrai­ne, they have to come back - thats my vic­to­ry. And I’m thin­king about it, becau­se for me vic­to­ry is at least, brin­ging the coun­try back eco­no­mi­c­al­ly, at least to the situa­ti­on when it all star­ted, as a good begin­ning - but also for the wes­tern world to have com­ple­te awa­reness, what is hap­pe­ning here and what the pain is like, they should feel our pain, that will unite them [in pain], and that will never be effec­ted by rus­si­an pro­pa­gan­da, and they will help us all the way. And for us, for me, vic­to­ry is - admis­si­on to acces­si­on to the Euro­pean Uni­on, with all the pros and cons, and when we dis­cuss that - and thats the will of the ukrai­ni­an peop­le, and this all star­ted in the Mai­dan , we’­ve had revo­lu­ti­ons to that effect, and this war is also about, that this can not be in vain, so Ukrai­ne in the EU is not the princip­le, the major vic­to­ry, but we can not just dis­re­gard the peop­le, who sacri­fi­ced their lives for that, so its the dream, its the will, and the steps that we made, and thats what we intend to do, as a nati­on And if someo­ne from euro­pe, even now, they have alrea­dy recei­ved our refu­gees, they’­ve seen all the foo­ta­ge in the world, they’­ve lis­tened to me, to us, they are lis­tening now, they rea­li­ze what is hap­pe­ning here. In Mariu­pol peop­le are dying in thousands, but the­re are still some per­sons who want to get some oxy­gen without even attemp­t­ing to breath, and they want to strike the balan­ce, they want to be in the grey area, stay in the shadow, while some peop­le say its a walk inbet­ween the drops of rain. And… This is not a rain! It never rains, it pours! as the say­ing goes, and this is the war of what - the­re are no drops any­mo­re, we are all wet, by now. Soa­king wet. And - this is cyni­cism, this is the lack of ade­quacy, in some lea­ders, in some deve­lo­ped coun­tries. And the ade­quacy of world [cohe­si­on, doing all that we’d as you to do to be ade­qua­te], is also vic­to­ry for Ukrai­ne. That will influ­ence us, it does influ­ence us, real­ly. And what will hap­pen to some indi­vi­du­als in rus­sia, you know - why should I think about the oder side - the mili­ta­ry, their lea­ders, their pre­si­dent, and what will hap­pen to them - they should be punis­hed for what they did, that is the most important thing, in my book. Accord­ing to the inter­na­tio­nal law. But if they come here, and even fail to collect their debt, and they dont care about a quick - why should I care? Its them. I have to think about my peop­le, my citizens.”

Alles klar? Und das ist der Grund, wes­halb wir Ver­hand­lun­gen über ein Ende des Krie­ges vor­erst aus­ge­setzt haben.

Natür­lich “Mos­kau und Kiew” im wor­d­ing des Standard. 

To vic­to­ry and beyond.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Letzte.

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Hier gab es kein Vor­ge­p­le­nkel. Das war mein ers­tes pos­ting heu­te am Tag. Eine Über­prü­fung der Ent­schei­dung ein­zu­lei­ten ist mir nicht mög­lich. Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Letzte.

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