Energy poverty vs. ‘but others are more optimistic’

06. Dezember 2021

DW hits its stri­de again, with a spo­ke­spie­ce for a high­ly net­wor­ked euro­pean intelligentsia. 😉

The­re is a risk, that jour­na­lism could be not repor­ting on whats coi­ned “ener­gy pover­ty” by at least one group of experts, but oh well, the­re are some, that see it more posi­tively… You have to honor the big­ger pic­tu­re here!

(The first out­burst into a muf­fled *ha* was invol­un­ta­ry, but then almost instant­ly inter­rup­ted by the thin­king pro­cess set­ting in…)

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