Europe, the billiard ball in a great geoeconomical game between China and the US

20. Januar 2022

Final­ly the necessa­ry infor­ma­ti­on reached the poli­ti­cal level. First step defi­an­ce. Soon to be fol­lo­wed by anger, reco­gni­ti­on, accep­t­ance, … What hits me, deeply - is the obvious natu­re of the poli­ti­cal lie on dis­play here. So you are suck­ling on the tit of inter­na­tio­nal invest­ment funds (coi­ned ‘intel­li­gent money’) to put in invest­ments, that you and your deve­lo­p­ment banks need to leverage to gene­ra­te even clo­se to enough inte­rest (six­ty­six bil­li­on to tril­li­ons, and then to the moon!), inter­na­tio­nal invest­ment groups are open­ly sta­ting that they are wai­t­ing for regu­la­ti­on to beco­me law faci­li­ta­ting invest­ment pro­tec­tions, befo­re they’ll con­si­der fun­ne­ling funds into anything coi­ned sus­tainab­le, so cur­r­ent­ly you are depen­ding on your own public to absorb risk, and act as ear­ly sta­ge inves­tors to get the who­le thing jump­star­ted, which accord­ing to our finan­cial insti­tu­ti­ons they arent doing on a broad enough basis, so now you are crea­ting nud­ging laws (EU laws tar­ge­ting ‘finan­cial insti­tu­tes and invest­ment advice’) and finan­ce PR initia­ti­ves, becau­se as sta­tes you maneu­ve­r­ed yourself into the posi­ti­on, whe­re actu­al Moonshot pro­grams (lar­ge sta­te invest­ment initia­ti­ves), arent rea­liz­ab­le any­mo­re. Then you look at the inves­tors who are deman­ding invest­ment pro­tec­tion, and see pri­va­te US funds just wai­t­ing for the oppor­tu­ni­ty to buy out deve­lo­p­ments that achie­ve mar­ket matu­ri­ty, car­ry­ing none of the risk - to be cer­tain, that none of it gets manu­fac­tu­red in Euro­pe, which is about the worst place on earth to mass pro­du­ce goods at this point in time, so this beco­mes ano­t­her play bene­fi­cial for a high tech indus­tri­al sec­tor, which you then sell to voters as the pro­gress they were aching for. Becau­se as a for­mer SPD minis­ter you sud­den­ly belie­ve in trick­le down on the inter­na­tio­nal poli­ti­cal stage.
But you will pro­ve the cri­tics wrong, dear Olaf - sin­gle­han­ded­ly, with a speech in Davos, by men­tio­ning none of that. Bra­vo. And thanks to all the mouth­pie­ces, that see­ded, “if we arent doing this right now - the US will sur­pass euro­pe on its tra­jec­to­ry of beco­m­ing a first mover”. Oh, I’m tremb­ling, shi­vering - at this very minu­te, wai­t­ing for anything even clo­se to that to materialize.

Loo­king for­ward to watching the spee­ches of UvdL and the talk on res­to­ring trust in glo­bal tra­de and sup­ply chains. Wait, isnt that against trend? Oh no it isn’t, of cour­se they are the ones first impac­ted by cli­ma­te shocks, so now we have to put more money and good­will towards making glo­ba­lists more resi­li­ent, that by ever­yo­nes accounts fai­led at giving a fly­ing H-E-double hockey­sticks about what hap­pen­ed to our socie­ties the past years - what joy, that they also are inves­ted hea­vi­ly in the cli­ma­te move­ment. But on a posi­ti­ve note, its real­ly a neces­si­ty for the indus­tri­al power­house, that fai­led to invest at sug­gested ECB levels for the past ten years, that is germany…

When does socie­ty have enough of tho­se lies? I know that I am tired of hea­ring them.

We have a chan­ce of a new renais­sance, if we do this responsibly.”

edit: Accord­ing to the intro­duc­tion por­ti­on of the UvdL talk, the­re is ‘a new euro­pean spi­rit’ that she mana­ged to crea­te wit­hin the past two years. Oh eff me, I’m going to bed for today.

edit2: FRIGGGING UvdL goes on a SALES TOUR GRANDIOSO in the video lin­ked abo­ve, to talk up the very FRACKING inves­tor gua­ran­tees descri­bed abo­ve. In the most des­pi­ca­ble man­ner ima­gin­ab­le. What a hap­py coincidence. 

Gre­at. Now I cant sleep.

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