Everyone’s happy, the pope is just bizarre

16. Juni 2022

in his stance on the Ukraine.

Accord­ing to the IMW­Vi­en­na Europe’s Future Sym­po­si­um 2022 Cres Day 1.

Rea­so­ning, the Pope would stand for an ultra­con­ser­va­ti­ve stance, sin­ce the joint decla­ra­ti­on of Pope Fran­cis and Patri­arch Kirill in 2016.

So cha­rac­ter assas­si­na­ti­on by vir­tue of put­ting the pope into the ultra con­ser­va­ti­ve camp. That makes him per­so­na non gra­ta, so ever­ything he sta­tes can now be safe­ly ignored.

Other high­lights inclu­de “poland now having the “cor­rect” posi­ti­on on Ukrai­ne - could mean that we are too leni­ent with their other domestic poli­cy approa­ches, so we’d have to stay vigi­lant.” The phra­se “the cor­rect posi­ti­on on Ukrai­ne” is actual­ly used.

A bunch of ide­as how to influ­ence the electorate.

A guy shrug­ging his shoul­ders and citing Machia­vel­li, when pro­po­sing, that he doesnt know, why the lower clas­ses dont revolt. “Pro­bab­ly some­thing to do with poli­tics having sei­zed to be per­cei­ved as important for them.”

Asi­de from that - the out­put is hor­ri­ble. First panel is the most inte­res­ting one - not that it pres­ents anything new, but its a nice over­view on for­eign invest­ment per­spec­ti­ves in eas­tern euro­pean countries.

And the­re goes the pope… One half sen­tence was enough to dis­credit his posi­ti­on. (“Bizar­re.” “Becau­se ultra conservative.”)

I dont know why I still watch this sh*t. I real­ly dont. But that it exists. That peop­le pay others to pro­du­ce main­ly bullsh*t - is still a neat reflec­tion on this society.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das Allerletzte.

Oh - das ist heu­te auch abge­lau­fen - nach­dems ges­tern ange­kün­digt wur­de, aber nicht offi­zi­ell. Nach­dems vor­ges­tern bereits alle wussten.

Die Uni­ons­grö­ßen Deutsch­land und Frank­reich spre­chen sich für Kan­di­da­ten­sta­tus der Ukrai­ne aus.

Ich nehm an es hilft schon sehr.

Selen­skyj brauch­te es ja laut Eigen­de­fi­ni­ti­on (click) als Sym­bol um die Sol­da­ten zu moti­vie­ren. Also ist sich die Gesell­schaft einig. Das war jetzt sehr wichtig.

Die­se Gesell­schaft ist das abgrund­tief Letzte.

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