We could actually simplify our lives, and rid us of this social anxiety - man…!”

09. Dezember 2021

This is a con­ver­sa­ti­on that I and many peop­le are try­ing to initate…”

PR, PR, take yours now, tell a friend, share it around. The moti­va­tio­nal spea­ker cir­cuit got fun­ding again. And god are this years spea­kers neat and clean, and good looking.

What gets me - is the drea­my look, the bedroom voice, and the ASMR cadence though. When he speaks about Cana­di­ans shed­ding anxie­ties and fear, - and tarsands…

Modern day preachers, man - they real­ly are the best preachers the world has ever seen (Air­Pods included).

But also expect them to tell you, that this is about guilt and shame, and darkness and admit­ting all the dama­ge that we’­ve inflic­ted (I’m sure that this will take place at COP 27 in Egypt, and COP 28 in UAE - cant wait for Johan­nes Stangls Report from UAE - you can alrea­dy see the head­lines, “We are ama­zed that Fri­days for Future made it all the way to the UAE”, sor­ry I dig­ress, …) - just not all of it. The part whe­re you actual­ly renoun­ce part of your per­so­nal con­sump­ti­on, is glo­rious of cour­se, almost ethe­ri­al. Reminds me of the “Angels cho­ral” in the Pro­ject Syn­di­ca­te cam­pai­gn a while ago.

Save an afri­can ame­ri­can from can­cer alley” is a tal­king point in Cana­da appar­ent­ly. Plus points for cul­tu­ral diver­si­ty on that one. Oh, and I espe­cial­ly like his talk about a cir­cu­lar earth. Its always good to remind peop­le about earth being cir­cu­lar, for the collec­ti­ve switch that needs to hap­pen. To “live har­mo­nious­ly with this pla­net […] and all the peop­le we share this beau­ti­ful coun­try with”.

Ah. So good. Spon­so­red by Long term- and faith based inves­tors. That also were the first ones to pivot to sus­tainab­le invest­ment vehicles.

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