Oh, looky here, Stanford runs a training program for ukrainian leaders

13. April 2022

We have 300 alum­ni. Several of them are with Pre­si­dent Zelen­skyy in the bun­ker right now.” Gets drop­ped in this panel as a con­ces­si­on to “full disclosure”.

Timo­thy Sny­der (see click and click) is on the Panel as well of cour­se, and utters a thank you like a poli­te young scientist.

Panel dis­cus­sion is drop dead boring. They deve­lop the theo­ry, that every minor goal we attri­bu­t­ed to Putin poten­ti­al­ly having, is a fal­se inter­pre­ta­ti­on, ins­tead rus­sia would be on an “annex and ‘den­azi­fi­ca­ti­on’ ” mis­si­on, “just like Putin said in his ramb­ling hour long speech”. In fact tho­se would have been the only clear points he made in that speech (not even while sta­ting, that this would have been rus­si­as goal all along, they can refrain from adding the ‘Cra­zy Putin’ qua­li­fier on top). Now as they cant let that stand (essen­ti­al­ly, four experts say­ing, that Putin announ­ced his ‘mis­si­on’ in the first speech he made), Rus­si­as real goal now beco­mes - and doing that with the ent­i­re Ukrai­ne, which they never “admit­ted”. Which is not that likely, unless Rus­sia plans to aim for gene­ral mobi­liz­a­ti­on in the next two years or so.

The­re is a sec­tion in the “clean­sing” paper publis­hed by the for­mer rus­si­an elec­tion advi­ser whe­re he assu­mes that the assi­mi­la­ti­on pro­cess (not the clean­sing, which is kil­ling mili­ta­ry lea­ders) would take 25 years, or one ent­i­re generation.

So for rus­sia to fol­low that plan, just made up by that panel, they’d need about 4 mil­li­on peop­le in the Ukrai­ne for the ent­i­re­ty of 25 years, while the Ukrai­ni­ans would enga­ge in guer­ril­la war­fa­re? Becau­se the rus­si­ans would have “won”. (Occu­p­ied the ent­i­re­ty of Ukraine.)

Hey - we know that you would like not­hing more than a new viet­nam sce­n­a­rio rus­sia gets over­ex­ten­ded in, but I can not, under any cir­cum­s­tance belie­ve, that this would be THE sce­n­a­rio rus­sia is favo­ring over all others. Dear Stan­ford guys with ukrai­ni­an lea­ders­hip programs.

Just on the pro­cess level - tho­se guys now have made the fol­lowing jumps in regards to ope­ra­ti­ve logic.

1. Putin was ent­i­re­ly mad
2. Ever­ything “sen­si­ble” he had said in the ramb­ling speech, which wasnt much, is true after all
3. And he wants the one thing, that will defi­ni­te­ly ensu­re that rus­sia is locked in and over­ex­ten­ded for a 25 year period
4. Becau­se a RIA pro­pa­gan­da pie­ce told us the part again, we now belie­ve in (annex and ‘den­azi­fy’). [But that pie­ce inte­res­tin­g­ly also inclu­des a sec­tion, whe­re the­re would be an unoc­cu­p­ied wes­tern Ukrai­ne, that (in the rus­si­an PR for­ward messaging), would have to be neu­tral. Which is not what Putin wants. He wants, 25 years of occu­p­y­ing Ukrai­ne, with rough­ly four mil­li­on people.]

And becau­se of that, not­hing more than an endu­ring war of attri­ti­on can be accep­ted, becau­se we fear, that with a peace deal hono­ring the­se posi­ti­ons, Putin would be encou­ra­ged to try to annex the ent­i­re­ty of Ukrai­ne again, after a few years. So we send more peop­le to die soo­ner, to demo­ti­va­te them to poten­ti­al­ly lose more peop­le later.

This logic ist stel­lar. In the minds of all the peop­le con­struc­ting the wes­tern nar­ra­ti­ve here.

Just as we can not go into real peace nego­tia­ti­ons now, becau­se the peop­le in the occu­p­ied ter­ri­to­ries would suf­fer rus­si­an ‘ree­du­ca­ti­on’ and de-democratization stra­te­gies. That was the argu­ment used to get the media on track to sup­port a 2-5 year long war. (See click)

This logic also is stel­lar. Just with the slight flaw, that it was from the very begin­ning, and the rus­si­ans retrea­ting com­ple­te­ly is the first step you need befo­re you’d enga­ge peace nego­tia­ti­ons. So if that (de-democratization and ‘den­azi­fi­ca­ti­on’ (in the rus­si­an pro­pa­gan­da sen­se)) was the out­co­me you always had to pre­vent, why did you enga­ge in peace nego­tia­ti­ons at all?

And just at that point, when the ent­i­re public nar­ra­ti­ve, is so com­ple­te­ly idio­tic, that no one in their right mind, can even ten­ta­tively pon­der belie­ving it - you invi­te Anton Hofreiter. 🙂

Koh­le­strom und auto­freie Sonn­ta­ge! - Jetzt müs­sen wir Füh­rungs­stär­ke zeigen.”

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