You know what would be great right now? Mi-17 helicopters.

13. April 2022

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The West Final­ly Starts Rol­ling Out the Big Guns for Ukraine

Some Ukrai­ni­ans fear it could be too litt­le, too late.

The United Sta­tes and its NATO allies have ram­ped up the deli­very of tanks, heli­co­p­ters, and hea­vy wea­pons to Ukrai­ne as the country’s for­ces pre­pa­re for large-scale batt­les against Rus­si­an tro­ops in the Don­bas regi­on of eas­tern Ukraine.

The new arms deli­ve­ries repre­sent a stark shift from Wes­tern sup­port for Ukrai­ne in the ear­liest days of the war, when U.S. and Euro­pean offi­cials, unsu­re of how long Ukrai­ne could hold out against a mas­si­ve Rus­si­an inva­si­on, were wary of deli­vering hea­vy wea­pons that could in turn fall into Rus­si­an hands. The deli­ve­ries also reflect a shift away from defen­si­ve sys­tems like anti-tank rockets to more offen­si­ve wea­pons that Ukrai­ne needs at a cri­ti­cal sta­ge of the war.

The Czech Repu­blic ope­ned the floo­d­ga­tes ear­lier this mon­th by ship­ping tanks to Ukrai­ne, beco­m­ing the first NATO coun­try to do so sin­ce Rus­sia laun­ched its inva­si­on on Feb. 24. The Czech Repu­blic has also sent Ukrai­ne infan­try figh­t­ing vehi­cles and artil­le­ry systems.

Other NATO coun­tries have fol­lo­wed suit with their own ship­ments of high-end mili­ta­ry hard­ware across NATO bor­ders into Ukrai­ne. Slo­va­kia sent Ukrai­ne an advan­ced S-300 air defen­se sys­tem, and the United Sta­tes on Wed­nes­day announ­ced it would sup­ply Ukrai­ne with an addi­tio­nal $800 mil­li­on worth of mili­ta­ry hard­ware. That ship­ment inclu­des 11 MI-17 heli­co­p­ters, 200 M113 armo­red per­son­nel car­ri­ers, 100 Hum­ve­es, 300 Switch­b­la­de “kami­ka­ze” dro­nes, hea­vy howitzers, thousands of shells, and other munitions.

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