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04. Juni 2022

Thank you Fareed Zaka­ria for thanking “I have a dream” guy, thats coor­di­na­ting Ukrai­ni­an rebuil­ding efforts, for intro­du­cing Timo­thy Sny­der, who will be sit­ting next to Kule­ba, next to Zan­ny Min­ton Bed­does. At a Bre­ak­fast Mee­ting of a pri­va­te poli­ti­cal foun­da­ti­on at the WEF in Davos.

With bonus Selen­skyj speech! Hoping for regime chan­ge! (So natu­ral­ly, thats not­hing you report on in wes­tern media. Zaka­ria is so unfa­ced by that, that he asks a “do you belie­ve that its pos­si­ble to nego­tia­te with Putin” ques­ti­on as a direct fol­low up! Soft­ball inco­m­ing! To which the ans­wer given then is “Ukrai­ne will not con­ce­de any ter­ri­to­ry”, becau­se non sequi­turs are so very fun.)

*wiping tears from my eyes..*

The grea­test speech is the one liner from the “open source manage­ment repre­sen­ta­ti­ve” who got con­nec­ted to Elon though. Told as an inspi­ring story.

Becau­se he tea­ches young folks the value of deve­lo­ping “open source soft­ware” (becau­se - you know, social respon­si­bi­li­ty is very popu­lar with the youth), and then get­ting instant­ly con­nec­ted to Elon Musk being pre­sen­ted as a valu­able anec­do­te at a bre­ak­fast mee­ting orga­ni­zed by a pri­va­te fund at the WEF in Davos. You know, doing some­thing good for socie­ty with open source soft­ware, exch­an­ging cell num­bers with Elon at Davos, name­dro­ping that, then having a CNN anchor to intro­du­ce Sny­der to be sit­ting next to Kule­ba at this pri­va­te gathe­ring, next to Min­ton Bed­does, asking soft­ball ques­ti­ons as fol­low ups to the sto­ry of the day (Selen­skyj hopes for regi­me­chan­ge and would pre­fer not to have to nego­tia­te with Putin, which you then dont publish) - is such a boon, but only if you can end that with the speech of a busi­ness donor, fin­ding it impos­si­ble to dif­fe­ren­tia­te the start of WW2 from a world, whe­re rus­sia suf­fers from popu­la­ti­on decli­ne (demo­gra­phi­cal­ly) and has nuclear weapons.

But the grea­test aspect of all, in all of this is, that they were able to buck the you­tube trend, and get three comments in the­re, on you­tube, of young peop­le fin­ding all of this very inspi­ring - and thought pro­vo­king. And not sta­ged at all, even though every per­son was just put on sta­ge long enough to say one sen­tence, and then had to lea­ve for the next “panel” --

Its like the best socie­ty has to offer inte­gri­ty wise, and inspi­ra­tio­nal­ly - combined!

[Switch to german.]

Eine Fra­ge hab ich noch, wie­so war der Rau­scher vom Stan­dard eigent­lich nicht mit dabei, der der öster­rei­chi­schen Regie­rung und der Oppo­si­ti­on (SPÖ), nach sei­nem Besuch beim IWM­Vi­en­na wochen­lang Sny­der emp­foh­len hat, der im Gegen­satz zur deut­schen Bun­des­re­gie­rung und der deut­schen Oppo­si­ti­on (CDU/CSU), die von Revan­chis­mus als Kriegs­grund aus­ge­hen, eine Neo­ko­lo­nia­lis­mus The­se ver­tritt? Dass sich der Rau­scher das bie­ten lässt…

edit: Falls wer den direk­ten Beleg braucht, dass Man­gott im ZIB2 inter­view die Posi­ti­on Selen­sky­js falsch wie­der­gibt - das ist das Video das das ohne jeden ver­blei­ben­den Zwei­fel belegt. Zaka­ria stellt die Fra­ge direkt und unver­klau­su­liert und bekommt eine direk­te Ant­wort. Man ist ja unter Freunden.

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