The magic of orthodoxy

06. Januar 2022

Cur­te­sy to the bri­tish rag that is the Tele­graph, that almost was acqui­red by Sprin­ger a few years ago. Of cour­se in their “Off Script” seri­es that fea­tures frin­ge opi­ni­ons, to also give them some form of repre­sen­ta­ti­on wit­hin society.

In a 2020 inter­view with Toby Young, Kot­kin descri­bed the 1619 Pro­ject from the New York Times as an “intel­lec­tu­al fraud” based on a slan­ted and incom­ple­te ana­ly­sis of his­to­ri­cal data.[12] His latest book is The Com­ing of Neo-Feudalism: A Warning to the Glo­bal Midd­le Class (Encoun­ter Books, 2020).[13]

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So the­re goes ano­t­her per­so­na non grata…

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