NYT Job Description (Moscow Bureau Chief)

24. November 2020

Vla­di­mir Putin’s Rus­sia remains one of the big­gest sto­ries in the world.

It sends out hit squads armed with ner­ve agents against its enemies, most recent­ly the oppo­si­ti­on lea­der Aleks­ei Naval­ny. It has its cyber agents sow cha­os and dis­har­mo­ny in the West to tar­nish its demo­cra­tic sys­tems, while pro­mo­ting its faux ver­si­on of demo­cra­cy. It has deploy­ed pri­va­te mili­ta­ry con­trac­tors around the glo­be to secret­ly spread its influ­ence. At home, its hos­pi­tals are fil­ling up fast with Covid pati­ents as its pre­si­dent hides out in his vil­la.

If that sounds like a place you want to cover, […]

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Vlads Rus­sia’ is a very dis­tinc­ti­ve place, it seems…

Viel - “wenn wir es ernst meinen”…

29. Juni 2020

Soweit eines der inter­es­san­tes­ten Gesprä­che in die­sem Jahr.

On the state of things abroad

25. Februar 2020

Wind Poten­ti­al in Öster­reich unter Abzug eines 1000 Meter Radi­us zu gro­ßen Sied­lun­gen ist inter­es­sant - und leich­ter zu über­se­hen.

(Poten­ti­el­le Effi­zi­enz­stei­ge­run­gen (Solar) sind wei­ter­hin mög­lich.)

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29. Dezember 2019


13. Dezember 2019

Nach­trag: Hier ein etwas detail­lier­te­rer Break­down der Vote Lea­ve Posi­ti­on.